Internship, Study Or Volunteer Abroad: Which Global Opportunity To Do?
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Internship, Study Or Volunteer Abroad: Which Global Opportunity To Do?

Zoe Kramer February 7, 2023

Most universities have lots of exciting international opportunities for students. It might have even been one of the factors you considered when applying. However, with so many options available, it can be difficult to decide which route to choose. You know that you want to travel and see the world, but do you want to use this as an opportunity to complete an internship, study or volunteer? Here are some of the reasons why you might want to choose each of these options over the others.

Why To Choose An Internship Abroad

An internship abroad is a great way to boost your CV and gain experience in your chosen field. It can be the perfect way to spend a summer, which gives you several months of travel and experience without interrupting your education. Many internships are scheduled during this time for this reason. The availability of international internships varies depending on your chosen field, however, so these opportunities can be more difficult to find than study abroad programmes.

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Why To Study Abroad

Studying abroad is a great way to reframe your education. It’s particularly great if you are studying a modern language, since it can give you an extra level of immersion that you won’t otherwise be able to find on your course. There are study abroad programmes available practically anywhere you can imagine, since it has become a common practice with universities. It is usually the easiest of the three options to arrange, with applications being processed directly through the university rather than a third party. If your course requires specific modules, however, it is worth making sure you will be able to meet your degree requirements and get enough credits to stay on track for graduation.

Why To Volunteer Abroad

Internship, Study or Volunteer Abroad programmes are all great, but volunteering often gets overlooked. One of the nice things about volunteering abroad is that you are more likely to be working out in the field or a classroom as opposed to an office environment. Volunteering opportunities also have more flexibility than internships or international studies do, with some programmes as short as a week and others as long as a year. While it may not be as directly applicable to a CV as an internship, volunteering is still a great use of your time and a way to learn more about the world in a hands-on way.

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