What Uni Course Should I do? Quiz To Help You Decide
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What Uni Course Should I do? Quizzes To Help You Decide

Jasmyne Jeffery February 2, 2023

Knowing you want to continue your studies is one thing; deciding on your degree is another. Even if you have an idea of the area you’re interested in, there are often so many options within. Luckily, we can help you decide by suggesting some university course quizzes to take so you can answer ‘what uni course should I do?’ with confidence.

Finding the right uni course for you is hard when there are so many out there. You might have done a mix of things at A-level and now can’t think of a degree that combines them all. Perhaps you’re on the other end of the spectrum and you know where you want to study, but have no idea what. With the next academic year quickly approaching, we have some helpful quizzes to help you decide what uni course you should do.

What Uni Course Should I Do?

You’ll want to pick a course that best helps you achieve the career you want. Now, that presumes that you know what you want to do, which isn’t the case for everyone.

So, think about what you’ve enjoyed studying or careers that have intrigued you. Hopefully, there’s no pressure on you to go immediately to university; taking a year out to cement what you want to do going forward can be really helpful.

If you’re not sure how you feel about that subject niggling in your brain, then look up subject guides or go to open days. Fully understanding what you’ll be doing is the best way to make an informed decision.

There’s no harm in starting a course and changing your mind too. Most universities have a two-week cooling-off period where you can still switch courses without having missed much.

Finding the right uni course you should do is a very individual question and it’s only you who can really decide. If you’re not certain, take some time out. Decide whether university is actually for you and then what you’re passionate about day to day.

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Finding The Right University Course Quizzes

If you’re really struggling and it’s stressing you out, there are a few different university course quizzes you can take that will suggest different subjects and degrees for you.

The Uni Guide lets you enter what A-levels you did and then suggests a subject based on that. Not only that, it will link some specific courses for you to check out and what careers they can lead to.

Staffordshire University also offers a quiz which tries to determine what kind of student you are and what interests you. It will then suggest a couple of subjects that they think suit your personality. This one is good if you have absolutely no clue, but bear in mind it doesn’t consider what you previously studied.

The International University in Spain also offers a situational quiz which gives you three options to pick from. You’ll answer ten questions before giving you 3 options for bachelor’s degrees that they think will suit you.

Though you might not want to study at Staffordshire or in Spain, their university course quizzes can give you some valuable insight.

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