What Are The iOS Features? 16.2 Has Apple Music Sing And Freeform
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What Are The New iOS Features? How To Get 16.2 Including Apple Music Sing And Freeform

Jasmyne Jeffery December 14, 2022

Apple released iOS 16.2 yesterday (December 13) after weeks of testing. Though they often release updates, this one comes with some features that users have been looking forward to, including Apple Music Sing and Freeform.

Apple users have been eagerly anticipating the latest update after hearing about all the new features that come with it. Yesterday, the update finally arrived and users have been installing iOS 16.2 on to their devices. With lots of new things such as karaoke, freeform and extra widgets, we have the low down on the new iOS features and how to get the update

How To Get iOS 16.2

Getting the new update really couldn’t be easier. On your phone, simply go to your settings and there should be a notification at the top prompting you to update. Click it, and it will tell you all the details about the update. If you’re happy with everything, then click install at the bottom of the screen.

Your iPhone will then restart, taking slightly longer than normal to turn back on, and iOS 16.2 will be installed on your device!

Don’t be alarmed when the first thing that pops up is ‘hello’ as if it has had a factory reset — that’s pretty normal after an update.

What Are The New iOS Features?

There are lots of new features with the latest update and here are the ones to get most excited about.

How To Use Apple Music Sing

This new feature is a rival to Spotify karaoke mode but you have to have an Apple Music subscription.

This will only be supported on devices that are or newer than the iPhone 11, third-generation iPad pro, and fourth-generation iPad Air. In time, it will also be available on the iPad mini 6, the ninth-generation iPad and the third-generation Apple TV 4K.

After that, all you have to do is find the track you want to sing to on Apple Music. Then, tap the lyrics button at the bottom of the screen. Unfortunately, not all songs are compatible with Apple Music sing yet, but if it has the microphone icon then you’re good to go. You can adjust how loud the vocals are on the track so you can take centre stage or have some backup.

You can even sing duets! A special animation will appear for the lyrics and place them on either side of the screen depending on who is singing.

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What is Freeform?

Apple‘s Freeform is available on iPhone, iPad and Mac and is essentially a whiteboard that can be shared with others.

“Freeform helps users organise and visually lay out content on a flexible canvas, giving them the ability to see, share, and collaborate all in one place without worrying about layouts or page sizes. Users can add a wide range of files and preview them inline without ever leaving the board.”

The difference with this whiteboard is that you aren’t limited in size. It’s great for group projects where everybody can add their own ideas and see them at the same time. And nobody has to leave their homes.

The Freeform app has different writing styles, fonts, graphics, and even lets you add post-it notes. You can sketch ideas, add comments and include PDFs, URLs and map locations. It pretty much seems like whatever you can think you might need for a group project, Apple has.

FaceTime is built into the app as well, so collaboration is super easy. Talk about and visualise ideas right there and then with Apple’s Freeform.

The New iOS 16.2 Features: Widgets

Other new iOS features are even more widgets. These can be put on your home screen and lock screen and make accessibility and organising even easier.

  • Sleep: This widget is for the lock screen and comes in two versions. The first is a chart of the last 7 days of your sleep data. The second is a more in-depth look at your previous night’s sleep.
  • Medication: Added to the health app, medication lets you track, schedule and set reminders for all your medication needs. The feature also tells users about interactions between their medications and can connect users with healthcare providers.

There is all that and more with iOS 16.2. But it’s just a case of finding what you love, hate or will forget about. Of course, not all these new iOS features are for everyone, but everyone will find something to use. For example, we won’t stop using the Apple Music Sing feature for a very long time.

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