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Is There A Results Day For University Students?

Jasmyne Jeffery June 21, 2023

The summer is here which means the end of the academic year for many uni students. However, those in higher education have been done for a little while. If you’re still waiting to see how you did, we look at if there is a university results day.

Up until this point, you’ll be used to getting your results on the same day as all other students your age around the country. GCSE and A-Level results day are always in August which means that everyone finds out how they did at the same time.

So, there’s no reason to think differently for university students. We’ll let you know what the deal is with universities and results day.

Is There A Results Day For University Students?

Unlike GCSEs and A Levels, there isn’t a national day where all university students receive their results.

The process works differently once you get to higher education. Your assessments and exams are marked differently and you take them a lot earlier in the year.

Plus, when your results are released, it’s not a case of collecting them from your school or college like you would have done before.

In fact, results day isn’t a big deal at all. Instead, you have your graduation where you celebrate your achievements. And that’s definitely a lot fancier than anything else in your academic career.

Of course, when getting your results you should still be immensely proud and do things to commemorate it. Just don’t expect your university to put anything on.

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How Results Work At Uni

Universities release their results on different days, but usually, they all occur in June.

Typically, students from the same university will get their results on the same day so you can chat to your flatmates about how you all did and celebrate together.

When that is depends on your university. No doubt you will be told all about how you can find out your marks and grades.

Also, results will be released online instead of getting an envelope like before. Unless your university says differently, your results will be in a similar place to where your assessment marks are on your uni portal. However, it will be explained to you in your lectures before the big day.

If you are given a raw mark, you can calculate whether you got a 2:2, 2:1 or a First.

The process certainly isn’t as simple as other results days, but it can still be stressful. Make sure you’re kind to yourself no matter how you do and plan a fun activity for the day. This could be to celebrate or to take you’re mind off it.

Plus, you’ll have your graduation to look forward to soon! Plan ahead a pick a graduation certificate holder to show off your degree with pride.

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