Disney show Moon Knight has fascinating comic history with Spider-Man
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Disney Plus show Moon Knight has fascinating comic history with Spider-Man

Vincent Ralph January 18, 2022

Marvel fans got a tantalising glimpse of yet another new Disney Plus show last night, with the trailer for Moon Knight.

Moon Knight, who debuted in comic form in 1975, is coming to screens on March 30. But it is fair to say he is a lesser-known character among more casual fans.

Starring Oscar Isaac, the show tells the story of ‘Steven’, an apparent nobody who is in fact considerably more.

Marc Spector is a former Marine and CIA operative, turned mercenary. In the comics, a near-death experience by the statue of Egyptian moon god Khonshu sees him transform into the eponymous anti-hero.

In the past, he has had some fascinating storylines involving both Deadpool and, most interestingly, Spider-Man.

Two timely heroes came together

Spider-Man’s latest cinematic adventure has blown audiences away and the webbed wonder has never been bigger. So what is his connection with Moon Knight?

Simply put, the two were once one.

Back in 2018, during Marvel’s Infinity Warps series, Spider-Man and Moon Knight merged to form a completely new hero – Arachknight.

He is one of a number of combined characters formed after Gamora gained the power of the Infinity Stones. When she accidently forms the Warp World, our heroes are pushed together in fascinating ways.

That would make one hell of a film one day? Only time will tell if we see that on the big screen. But, what we do know, is that Moon Knight looks like another winner.

Who else is in the show?

Along with Isaac, the new Disney Plus show also stars Ethan Hawke, Gaspard Ulliel and May Calamawy. Initially set for a six-episode run, it will be interesting to see how if Moon Knight generates the same kind of love as Wanda Vision, Loki et al.

Moon Knight is set to be the first of a new batch of Marvel shows streaming in 2022. After Hawkeye lit up our Christmas, expect Isaac’s latest role to bring a far darker tone to proceedings.

The joy of the comics is that there is almost unlimited avenues for these superheroes to take. But the Infinity Warps series is one that could take the next phase into a mind-blowing direction if it is ever tackled.

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