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Must Do Student Tours While Travelling In Australia

Cicely McFarlane April 30, 2023

Australia is vast. This means there are many different areas, tours, and eateries to invest your time and money into! However, planning this can feel very daunting. There is so much you wish to see, but what is the best area? the best tour? and what should you choose to do first. Here are the best tours for students heading to Australia.

There are always trips and excursions, but the three listed below are once in a lifetime opportunities which you can only ever do when travelling to the east coast of Oz.

Fraser Island

Fraser island in Australia has the largest sand dunes in the world and is one of the best tours to enjoy as a student.

The whole island is on sand which is 200 meters deep into the sea before hitting a large bed of rock. This is the most magnificent place with areas like Lake McKenzie and Eli Creel to check out.

Lake McKenzie is a freshwater lake that is 100% safe to swim in. Due to the eucalyptus, the water and sand ensure your skin is left silky smooth, and the clear water will make this the most refreshing swim of your life.

Eli Creek has 400 million litres of water running through it every day. It is an amazing place to enjoy a swim as you float down the current and the setting is truly beautiful.

The 4-wheel drive across the Fraser island beach is what many say is a highlight of their travelling. This gives you the freedom to see the beauty of the beach as the crashing waves splash against your car.

You can either do a day trip to Fraser island for around £100, or you can camp under the stars for around £300.

Whatever you decide, you will love this adventure and the sites and scenery will not disappoint.

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Whitsundays Island Tour

This is another trip well worth investing in.

The three-day, two-night boat tour is like nothing you have experienced before. Sailing and sleeping in the water will ensure you see some of the beautiful marine life that Australia has to offer. This includes dolphins, sharks, giant fish and squid to name a few.

Snorkelling and jumping off the boat will really immerse you in this experience.

The crews onboard the boats are lovely and provide breakfast, lunch and dinner for your enjoyment!

There are many different brands of companies to go with.

The Clipper is the party boat, the Apollo is a great drink/chat balance, but both have great reviews and are worth the investment.

Just make sure you invest in some sea sickness tablets as that is where your trip can go south if you haven’t prepared for the waves.

Many of these trips range from around £300-450. But living at sea for three days will be an experience you never forget.

The Great Barrier Reef

This is one of the main attractions that is associated with Australia and is, without doubt, a must-do tour as a student.

If you are looking for a good place to be able to do this and see the most active and alive part of the reef, then Cairns, which is north of the East Coast, is where you need to head.

Th price breakdowns from flying out to the reef, compared to a day boat trip, vary drastically. But going through a company like Happy Travels will be able to get you to your most accurate quote depending on what and where you want to see.

The coral is like being in a virtual reality experience and is something you cannot see anywhere else in the world.

All these locations are amazing to experience, and you need to add them to your trip today if you are visiting Australia in the coming weeks.

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