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Must See Things In Lisbon That Students Will Love

Manon Lamy June 5, 2023

Lisbon is calling.

Deadlines season is nearly over. We cannot wait to travel and get far far away from university.

Who else can’t wait to take the next fantastic city break? Well if you are stuck on where to go we recommend Lisbon in Portugal! It is a great student friendly city where there is plenty of sun and sea and things to do.

We’ve put together a little guide of the best things to do in Lisbon that students will love. Before you get going on your trip make sure you have a valid student ID because it will be a lifesaver.

Where to stay?

Lisbon is a big city that can get quite noisy and after a long day of sightseeing you will want some quiet. And if you are in Lisbon for more than two days then why not consider staying a little outside of the city center. Things are quieter and cheaper. Something which is great for student.

One place we recommend is AtelierSurf29 Guesthouse, in Almada just behind the 25 de Abril Bridge. You’ll get a lovely little bedroom and you’ll share a kitchen and a bathroom. This place is full of charm and you’ll get a great surfer vibe.

Having a shared kitchen means you can cook yourself dinner which is a great way of saving money. It’s great especially if you are travelling on a budget which most students are. You can also make yourself lunches to go so that’s another way of saving money.

There are also many more options in the center of Lisbon if you want to stay in the city center.

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What to eat?

With any new country it’s always a good idea to try the local goods. And lucky for you Lisbon has plenty of those.

You should try the Bacalhau in its many different forms. It is quite a staple. For true, authentic Portuguese foods try O Túnel in Almada.

And if fish isn’t quite what you enjoy than try the Pasteis de Nata. You can find those all over the city and they are divine.

Finally to drink try the famous Sangria, with white or red wine. Both are delicious and are a must try during your stay in Lisbon.

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Alfama + Baixa-Chiado

There is so much to see in Lisbon that you will be running around the city to catch it all. Well running is a big word especially as the streets of Lisbon are very steep.

Start your tour at the Praça do Comércio, the yellow square with all the arches with little vendors and restaurants.

Walk the streets of Baixa-Chiado, enjoy the beautiful buildings of tile. Stop for a Pasteis if you get tired. Walk past the Santa Justa lift, go up it if you want to enjoy the views. Make your way up to the Lisbon cathedral.

And if you want to see something a bit different make your way to the Carmo Convent museum. This is an archaeological museum in an old church which was impacted by the 1755 earthquake. It is really something else.

If you have time after trekking through Baixa-Chiado make your way to Alfama and walk through its little streets and make your way to the Sao Jorge Castle. You’ll get a great view of the city from the top.

If you want a great Instagram-able spot make your way to the Jardim Júlio de Castilho.


And for another day make your way to the Belem neighbourhood. It is a little bit further but it is really worth the trip. Make your way to the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos. However, speaking of experience make sure you get there early to avoid the long queues in the sun.

After you visit the monastery, make your way a little further to the beautiful Belem tower by the water. It is a must spot.

Once you have done that and if you have a little bit of time make your way to the Monument of the Discoveries. Another great spot to go up to for a beautiful view.

Get away from the Lisbon city center

Here are a few extra things to do if you have more time and have done all the original things to do in Lisbon.

Go across the 25 de Abril Bridge to go see the Cristo Reis statue and have a great view of the city.

You could even take a day trip to Sintra to see the beautiful castles.

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