My Favourite Things About Living In Cardiff For University
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My Favourite Things About Living In Cardiff For University

Victoria Causley January 15, 2023

If you’re deciding where you want to live for university, then add Cardiff to your list of choices! I absolutely loved living in Cardiff for university and I am certain that you will, too.

It Feels Like A Small City

If you’re like me and you come from a reasonably small area, then you might be looking to go somewhere bigger for university. London seemed too busy and Exeter too small, so Cardiff was the perfect medium for me. It’s actually really big, but not big enough to be too busy.

Everything was at a close enough distance to travel to and it was always good to have the shopping centre on your doorstep. Cardiff was a big enough city to feel away from home, but not big enough to feel too chaotic.

The Beach

I’m from a seaside town so moving too far away from the beach didn’t appeal to me. I debated moving to a place with a beach, but I decided that I wanted to go somewhere different for my time at university. And this led me to Cardiff.

With Barry Island and Cardiff Bay being near enough to the town centre, you’re never too far from the water. Besides, Wales is full of some of the most beautiful beaches around, so you and your housemates could always take a day trip to the seaside.

The Nightlife

If you’re looking for a good party, Cardiff is definitely the place for you. It’s got it all. From cocktail bars and nice restaurants to pubs and clubs. Grab a cheeky cocktail at Dirty Martini and boogie next door in Walkabout. The town is lively every night and the weekends are unbeatable. Plus, your home friends will love coming to stay with you for the weekend.

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There’s Always Something To Do

With the Principality Stadium within reach, you’ll always find something to do in Cardiff. Whether you enjoy watching rugby or your favourite band, you’ll likely get to watch both at least once while you are there. If this isn’t for you, take yourself for a stroll around Bute park, play some rounders, or have a picnic with your housemates one sunny afternoon.

The History

Lastly, there is so much history in Cardiff. As a History graduate, this was a huge bonus for me as I loved going to Cardiff Castle and taking my family around the area. But whether you enjoy it or not, it means that there’s a lot of stuff to do in Cardiff overall, especially when your family comes to visit. Why not take them to the National Museum in Cardiff?

So if you’re deciding whether Cardiff is a good place to go to University, the answer is yes!

With so much to do, you’ll be returning all the time even when you’ve graduated – just like me!

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