Netflix Dating Shows To Watch Now Love Island Is Over
Season 3 Contestants On Too Hot To Handle
Season 3 Contestants On Too Hot To Handle. Credit: Netflix

Netflix Dating Shows To Watch Now Love Island Is Over

Caitlin Hart August 4, 2022

Eight weeks of Love Island have finally come to an end. You’re probably thinking, ‘what do I do with my evenings now?’ well, Netflix’s dating shows are here to help

Netflix isn’t just topping the list when it comes to true crime, the streaming site is packed with some iconic shows to couple up with until winter Love Island arrives in the new year.

Netflix Dating Shows

Are You The One?

This U.S series is a cross between Geordie Shore and Love Island. 20 singletons are secretly paired into couples by a match-making algorithm.

They are then all placed into a house where they can get to know each other and try and discover who their match is. When couples correctly identify their perfect matches, they become one step closer to the huge cash prize they will split if all 10 perfect couples are identified. Expect flirting, challenges and drunken rows as they try to find their match.

Love Is Blind

Love is Blind follows a group of single men and women who go on blind dates with each other. They will date through ‘pods’, where they can talk but not see or touch each other.

Nick Thomas and Danielle Ruhl in season 2 of Love Is Blind. Cr. Netflix © 2022

They will only be allowed to see each other face to face if one of them proposes. After this, they go on a 10-day vacation to get to know each other in person, before heading back to reality to plan their wedding. A VERY unconventional style of dating that will glue you to the TV screen.

Too Hot To Handle

Too Hot to Handle sees a group of 10 single people placed into a house together to find love. They are expecting a summer on a private island full of fun. They have a cash prize pot, which will be spilt between contestants at the end of the show.

Season 3 contestants Too Hot To Handle. Credit: Netflix

A few hours later, they are told that they are not allowed to engage in any kissing, touching or sexual acts. Any time they do, money is taken away from the joint prize pot. As you can imagine, the show brings drama, tension, and rows as the prize pot slowly decrease.

Back With The Ex

Not your typical dating show, Australia’s Back with the Ex isn’t about meeting new people. The show sends former couples back on dates to see if they want to give it a second chance.

You will see some beautiful love stories, as well as some that will definitely regret ever heading on to the show.

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