The Best Mother's Day Gifts For Students
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Original Mother's Day Gifts For Students

Manon Lamy February 20, 2023

Mother’s Day. Mum’s favourite day of the year. Because it is all about her. But it can be tricky to buy for here so here are the perfect Mother’s Day gifts for students.

We have had Christmas and New Year’s. We’ve had Valentine’s Day. Now the next thing on our agendas should be Mother’s Day 2023. There is still time, so don’t panic, but it’s always good to start thinking about these things.

Our mum’s usually have everything or don’t want anything. But deep down there is always going to be something a mum wants. Even if it’s just breakfast in bed or a day without having to work around the house, ideas for presents are plentiful.

When is Mother’s Day 2023?

No need to panic. Mother’s Day is still a couple of weeks away. In the UK, Mother’s Day 2023 is Sunday March 19. Mother’s Day is a great day to celebrate our mothers and anyone who has been or is a mother figure to us. Mother’s, grandmothers, future mothers, the list is considerable.

While it’s not quite here yet, it will come faster than we realise. So we need to be a little bit prepared because whatever we do she will appreciate it. That’s why we have all the Mother’s Day gifts for students that you could possibly need.

If Mother’s Day is a sensitive topic for you, please don’t read on unless you feel comfortable to do so. We don’t want to cause you any pain.

Student Gift Ideas That All Mums Will Love

Breakfast in bed

This first one might seem small and simple but it is those kind of actions that will make all mums very happy. Preparing your mother a lovely breakfast (in bed or not) is bound to make her smile. If you are doing the breakfast thing, then go all out. Make her pancakes or waffles add some berries. Make her some homemade orange juice.

And if your mum isn’t a morning person, then offer to cook her a nice lunch or dinner. While you’re at it, offer to clean up, don’t let mum tidy your mess. Make her life easy. It is Mother’s Day, after all.


Every mum is going to love getting a new pair of PJ’s. This is a great idea for students who are trying to keep Mother’s Day on a budget. John Lewis sell some great sets and they are not too expensive. And if you enjoy shopping, it’s a fun day out.

I would recommend accompanying your gift with a lovely card with a heartfelt message. If you are trying to keep it on a budget, you can always DIY your card. Talk about made with love. The perfect Mother’s Day.

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Handmade pottery

This is a great one. And it comes from the heart.

You don’t have to physically make the pot because, if she wants use out of it, maybe it’s not the best idea. But you can always go out to one of those pottery painting shops and find a little something she will love.

If you want to treat your mum to a one-on-one date, you can take her to the pottery painting shop and make them together. This is a really fun idea and everyone will love it.

Jewellery organiser

Does your mum like everything organised but her jewellery is the only thing she can’t organise? Or maybe her current way of arranging her jewellery is not very effective?

Then a fun and cute jewellery organiser might be just the right gift for your mum. Perhaps you can even get her a cute pair of earrings, or a bracelet to put inside: a gift within a gift.

Stackers do some great organisers that are durable and in so many shapes, size and colours.

Fun wine glasses

Does your mum like the occasional glass of wine with her dinners? And does she have boring wine glasses? Want to spice up her drinks cabinet a bit more? Then buying her some fun wine glasses will make for a lovely and affectionate gift.

Oliver Bonas do some great wine glasses that anyone will love. However, if you are on the money-saving side, or you want to be careful regarding the environment, you can easily thrift wine glasses. I would suggest setting aside one afternoon and going to as many charity shops as possible.

As far as wine glasses go, having colourful and mismatched wine glasses is very in right now.

Fresh flowers

Receiving fresh flowers is a guaranteed great present and is an ideal Mother’s Day gift for students You are bound to make anyone blush. You can easily order flowers on the internet and get them delivered straight to your mum. This is really great to show them you care about her; especially if you are at University during that time.

You can also choose the size and type of flowers you want to really keep it under your budget.

Mother’s Day as a student shouldn’t be hard. You should want to shower your mum with gifts. However, we can’t all fly our mothers to Paris for the weekend. But there is still plenty we, as students, can do to show our mothers how much we love and appreciate them.

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