Recipes For Warming Winter Cocktails Including Mudslide
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Recipes For Warming Winter Cocktails Including Mudslide

Cicely McFarlane November 19, 2022

Christmas is definitely time for drinks such as mulled wine and hot apple cider all mixed together with cinnamon and spice. However, there are many more festive warming winter cocktails that everybody needs to try; especially if they’re having friends or family round.

Below are some of my absolute favourite warming winter cocktail recipes for you to try!

Sloe Gin Fizz

If gin is your go-to drink on a night out, then this cocktail will definitely be one of your winter favourites this year.

All you need is sloe gin, lemon juice as well as sliced lemon, sparkling water or lemonade, syrup, blackberries, and lots of ice.

Start by placing some sloe gin, syrup, and lemon juice all in a cocktail shaker. Shake until your hearts content and then fill up your glass with ice cubes.

Pour this concoction into your icy glass and top off with your sparkling water or lemonade. Use the other fruits to make the glass as aesthetically pleasing as you wish.

Winter Pimm’s

Pimm’s is without a doubt one of the most popular summer drinks, but why is it ignored during the winter season when it can be the perfect warming cocktail?

Using Pimm’s, Brandy, lots of cinnamon as well as ice, apples and oranges; and a splash of apple juice can make for a warm and delicious winter drink.

Filling your glass with ice and apple juice and then combining the Pimm’s, cinnamon, apples and oranges can make this one of the most simplistic yet enjoyable drinks for all.

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Refreshing Mudslide cocktail alcoholic drink.

Hot Toddy

This warming winter cocktail will definitely help on an icy evening as it definitely has a kick to it.

Mix whiskey with honey, cinnamon, lemon and cloves, and this cocktail will definitely warm you right to your toes.

This is definitely on the stronger side, so be wary for all who give it a whirl.


Treat yourself as the Christmas season approaches with this chocolate creamy drink.

This includes coffee-flavoured liqueur, a splash of vodka, lots of ice and dark chocolate.

 You can also top this drink off with double cream and add Irish cream liquor to really make this cocktail pop.

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