Selling Sunset Reunion Is A Must-Watch After Thrilling Fifth Season
First Look - Netflix Selling Sunset Reunion Special
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Selling Sunset Reunion Is A Must-Watch After Thrilling Fifth Season

Cicely McFarlane May 5, 2022

After the drama in season five of this much-loved series, the Selling Sunset finale is not to be missed.

The Drama

With talks of alleged bribery of a large cash sum from Christine to one of Emma’s clients to ensure they didn’t work together, who did the public believe? Many on Twitter believed the alleged unprofessionalism of Christine in this season was unforgivable.

Fake apologies followed by trying to target Emma and “burn her to the ground” became far too reality-based and made some think Christine has had her time.

Will she start a new agency? Will she come clean? Or is she the victim, as the new agent and ally of Christine, Chelsea, repeatedly said?

The Love Connection

Another element of this series involved romance, with Chrishell and Oppenheim owner Jason going public with their relationship.

The two seemed a match made in heaven. After meeting Jason’s mum in one episode, to discussing fertility in another, the two seemed destined for a bright future.

Yet, as Jason’s oldest friends, Amanza and Mary, suggested from episode one, his commitment issues became too much and the series concluded with their break up following his confession of not wanting to be a father. That despite knowing this meant losing the love of his life, Chrishell.

The reunion will be on Netflix on May 6 and, one thing is for certain, there will be drama.

Has Christine left or was she fired? Will she even turn up? Discussions about how Chrishell and Jason will work together now as exes will of course be a highly debated topic of conversation at the reunion show. And is there no hope of the couple reuniting?

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