Six The Musical Is A Must-Watch For Everyone
SIX by Marlow ; Directed by Moss and Armitage ; Set designed by Bailey ; Costumes designed by Slade ; Lighting designed by Deiling ; at the Malvern Theatres ; UK tour ; 2021, Marlowe Theatre Credit: Johan Persson

Six The Musical Is A Must-Watch For Everyone

Jasmyne Jeffery May 11, 2022

It’s one of a kind, no category and they’ve spent too many years stuck in his story. Last week, I saw Six and it was an absolute blast.

History’s about to get overthrown.

As a history buff, ex-theatre kid and well, a female, there really isn’t a musical out there more tailored to me. Henry VIII’s six wives pick up the mics to tell, or sing, their version of events that his-story has forgotten. Tudor Queens to pop-princesses; you’re not going to want to miss it.

Six has taken the world by storm, winning Best West End Show in the Whatsonstage Awards this year, and building a massive following. Packed full of fun, fact and female power, with some unforgettably catchy tunes along the way, the 80-minute performance is short, sweet, and brimming with sass.

Fighting for the mic

Presented as a concert more than a typical musical, the wives each tell their story in hopes of beating the others at ‘who had the worst lives’ and becoming the leading lady of the band. My personal favourite, Haus of Holbein, comes in the middle of the show and breaks up their stories a little.

It’s a Tudor-club remix which sounds mad, I know, but it had everyone dancing and it will undoubtedly get stuck in your head. Jane Seymour and Catherine Parr interject more power-ballad, slower numbers into the history remix. Katherine Howard’s All You Wanna Do is a lot more horrifying than the pop-party classic it’s presented as. Give all of them a serious listen, and you’ll realise none of them had a great time.

‘Tudor womanhood – would definitely recommend,’ Catherine Parr jokes.

Even if you’re not a history buff or a usual musical lover, I cannot recommend going to see Six enough. It’s so much fun, the costumes are fabulous, and you’ll accidentally learn a thing or two. In a time when more and more of history is told from forgotten female perspectives, Six reminds us that, really, would Henry VIII have been so well remembered if it wasn’t for his six wives?

It’s currently touring the UK and Ireland, so grab tickets for a city near you. Trust me, you’re not going to want to miss it.

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