Some Fans Think June Bates Is Taylor Swift
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Some Fans Think June Bates Is Taylor Swift

Zoe Kramer October 24, 2022

Some fans are speculating that a recent independently published book of poetry entitled The Lavender Haze might actually have been written by Taylor Swift. The collection shares its title with a song from Swift’s latest album Midnights. For a few reasons, some fans of the megastar now believe June Bates and Taylor Swift are the same person.

Fans note similarities between themes of karma and peace in Swift’s music and in the poems. But is there any basis to this claim, or are the similarities only coincidental?

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Why people think June Bates is Taylor Swift

Fans have pointed out that the collection was published three days before the release of Midnights, making the title either an intentional link to the song, or a huge coincidence.

Swift is noted for her poetic prowess, although her work thus far has been set to music. She’s also written lyrics about poetry in the past. Her song ‘Sweet Nothing’ includes the lines On the way home/I wrote a poem/You say what a mind/This happens all the time.

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Although Swift is viewed primarily as a musician, it seems writing is important to her as well. A Google search into June Bates reveals very little information about this author, leading some to believe it is a pen name. June Bates’ author bio includes listening to Taylor Swift as one of her hobbies.

A number of comments in the TikTok below suggest Swift and Bates are the same person. One wrote: ‘OK and this book was published three days before Midnight’s release??? It’s 100% Taylor.’

Another said: ‘And she was an author in the video for All Too Well. GENIUS.’

While a third said: June Bates is now Taylor Swift and no one can change my mind about that.’

The comments go on and on, but it’s up to you whether you think there is any truth in the claims.


book: the lavender haze by june bates #poetrytok

♬ karma by taylor swift – belle

Bates’ first collection of poetry, entitled She Is The Poem, was also recommended for ages 22 and up, which is somewhat of an odd specification. Some have tied this to Swift’s song 22.


She is the Poem by June Bates (her first collection of poetry). Interesting age recommendation. #junebates #thelavenderhaze #fyp #taylorswift #midnights #lavenderhaze

♬ Lavender Haze – Taylor Swift

Why this could be nothing more than speculation

It is difficult to discern why Taylor Swift would publish these poems surreptitiously. Presumably, she would have access to any number of major publishing houses if releasing poetry was part of her career plans. And while it could be an attempt to separate this work from the A-list celebrity that her name holds, it seems odd that she would include liking Swift as part of her alter ego’s author bio if that were the case.

So, are the thematic links purposeful easter eggs Swift is leaving for her fans, or is this simply the work of a poet over whom Swift has had much artistic influence? If it is the former, this is certainly an exciting discovery for fans. If it is the latter, this conspiracy has at least given exposure to a talented poet.

Still, the timing of the release and its shared name with the song leaves many questions unanswered.

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