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Three TikToks side by side showing the Spiderverse AI filter on three different people
Three TikTok screenshots side by side. First from @ditlyang from video posted on 6/6/23. Second from @max.sproull posted on 5/6/23. Third from @leobutcool posted on 6/6/23.

Spiderverse AI Character Filter Lets You Join The Spider Society

Jasmyne Jeffery June 7, 2023

Proving that we’re all big kids, the Spiderverse AI character filter has been all over TikTok. If you want to get involved, we can tell you how to do it as there are a couple of different ways, including joining the Spider Society.

The film has only been out a few days but already the internet is obsessed. If you haven’t seen it yet, then what are you waiting for? With raving reviews, it’s no surprise that fans are wanting to get involved in any way they can. One such way is using the power of artificial intelligence to become your own Spider-Man character.

Those who have seen the film will know all about the not-so-exclusive Spider Society, but now there’s a way you can join too.

The Spiderverse Filter Is All Over TikTok

As it takes over the box office, it was only a matter of time before some kind of Spider-Man trend went viral on TikTok. And that’s exactly what happens as people transform themselves into Spiderverse characters using AI.

There are a couple of ways people have been doing it, but they all have great results.

This user decided they wanted to join the Spider Society, which we can completely understand after seeing the thrilling film.

Whereas others are definitely team Miles Morales and are doing their own thing with a different app and filter.

Although it’s not exclusive to the filters being used, the #spidermanacrossthespiderverse hashtag has an unbelieved 2.9 billion views on TikTok.

How To Do the Spiderverse AI Character Filter On TikTok

Whether you want to join the Spider Society or go through another app, we can tell you how to get involved.

  • Spider Society

This route is probably the most popular and has some pretty amazing results. To get your own AI character, simply head to the Spider Society website and set up your account. You’ll then be sent an email confirming you’re part of the club and be invited to create your Spidersona!

You’ll then be taken to a page where you should upload a well-lit picture showing your full face and your Spider-Man alter ego will be revealed.

Use a bit of Capcut magic and you can show off your transformation on TikTok.

  • Photoleap

Others are doing something a little different and going through the Photoleap app to get their Spiderverse AI character. Be warned, the app is only free for certain actions, but you can have a free trial for 7 days.

Download it from wherever you get your apps, and then head to the AI anime style before picking a photo of yourself that you like. You then need to custom search ‘Spiderverse’ to bring up the specific filter which will then turn you into a Spiderverse character.

You can have a few attempts at the filter as it will bring up different versions, but this is limited for those using the free version of Photoleap.

Find Out Which Spider-Man Character You Are

You don’t have to create your own character, of course. Instead, you can use a TikTok filter to find out which Spiderverse character you’re the most like!

These types of filters are always popular and have been around for years. There are so many Spider-Mans (especially if you’ve seen the new film) that there are lots of options.

To do this, simply find a video that’s used it and select the filter from there!

Whichever of the above you choose to do, you’ve got to make sure you share the results on social media after!

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