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Spiritual Meaning Of Saturn Retrograde

Zoe Kramer May 25, 2023

“Retrograde” is a word that can cause quite a bit of alarm for astrology enthusiasts. This is understandable, since the negative impacts of retrogrades are often stressed more than positive ones. Retrograde is when a planet appears to be moving backwards from our perspective here on Earth. As a result, retrogrades often make us feel as though we aren’t improving or making progress, even when we are. One retrograde that is coming soon is Saturn retrograde, which begins on June 17th and lasts all the way until November 4th. This is quite a long journey, so why not get acquainted with what Saturn retrograde is all about? Here is the spiritual meaning of Saturn retrograde, and what to expect.

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First, we need to understand the role of Saturn in astrology and what it represents. Also known as Kronos, in mythology Saturn is one of the titans and the father of many of the gods including Zeus (Jupiter). Saturn takes on a paternal role, representing authority, rules and boundaries. It delineates and enforces limits in time and space. While many of us are afraid we won’t meet the standard, Saturn is there to help us learn responsibility and how to grow into our independence. Not always an easy lesson to learn, but certainly one that’s worthwhile.

Saturn travels slowly compared to some of the more personal planets, like Venus and Mars. It spends about three years in each sign, and retrogrades happen on an annual basis. So, whatever this year’s Saturn retrograde brings, you’ve likely dealt with something similar in the past. You survived it then, so how bad could it be? You may feel as though you’ve lost sight of what you’re looking for, or you’ve lost your way. You may feel insecure and burdened by your responsibilities as your gaze shifts from an outward to an inward perspective.

This is a great opportunity to reflect on how far you’ve come, what you’ve accomplished, and what it means to you. By seeing a clear perspective of what you want to improve on, you can work on making real and lasting changes in your life. It’s not always easy to feel motivated during this time, but don’t be too hard on yourself. Remember, Saturn can help you become your higher self — it just happens so slowly you don’t always pick up on it. So have patience and embrace the reinvention of yourself.

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