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Spiritual Meaning Of The 5/5 Eclipse

Zoe Kramer May 3, 2023

Are you ready for eclipse season? If you’re not familiar, eclipse season is the time of year when eclipses bring about changes in our emotional and spiritual lives. Since eclipses come in pairs, one eclipse will start the season off until the other ends it. In our current eclipse season, the first one was on April 20th with the Aries new moon, and the second is on May 5th in Scorpio. Eclipses are a time of intense upheaval and change, so understanding their meaning can help us as we move into a new chapter. Not only that, but because it falls on 5/5, this second eclipse takes on additional meaning. So here is the spiritual meaning of the 5/5 eclipse.

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5/5 In Numerology

For those interested in astrology and numerology, 5/5 is an auspicious date. In particular, 5/5/23 is especially notable, since 2 and 3 make 5, adding balance to the date.

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5 has many connotations in numerology. It is often viewed as the ‘middle’ number, holding the balanced ground between 1 and 10. In this sense, the eclipse could bring about an equalizing force or perhaps set an injustice right. 5 is also associated with variety, change, and unpredictability. We can take this as a sign to go with the flow, and accept that while difficult at times, change is ultimately necessary, and shouldn’t be feared.

5 is also known as a curious number, as well as social. This eclipse could be your sign to explore something new, meet new people, or expand your social circle.

What To Expect From The 5/5 Eclipse

With this eclipse, expect the unexpected. Sometimes we bury feelings so deeply that we forget they’re even there — but they’re bound to surface eventually. The most important lesson to remember is to let go of that which does not serve you. It can be difficult to break attachments, whether in relationships, friendships, or financially, but doing so can bring new freedoms and a fresh perspective. The eclipse can be an opportunity to take a look into parts of your psyche that you might not examine too often, the things you keep hidden. It’s difficult to confront your shadow self, but once you do, it can bring about a new lightness and self-love that you might not have even realized was missing. Take time and space to process everything you feel, and embrace change.

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