Spiritual Meaning Of The March 2023 New Moon
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Spiritual Meaning Of The New Moon In March 2023

Zoe Kramer March 8, 2023

Watching the moon in the night sky can be a comforting activity. For some, the phases of the moon are ways to tell the passage of time. Some simply enjoy watching the moon for no reason in particular. However, for some, the moon brings symbolic and spiritual meaning to their lives. The New Moon in particular has a number of unique connotations in astrology. So here is when you can see the New Moon this month and what this celestial event means.

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When Is The New Moon In March?

After the Worm Moon, the New Moon will appear on the 21st of March. Based on its position relative to the sun, the moon is always cycling through phases, which include Waxing Crescent, First Quarter, Waxing Gibbous, Full Moon, Waning Gibbous, Last Quarter, and Waning Crescent. The New Moon is when the moon reaches a phase of invisibility. This occurs when it reflects no light from the sun for a period of time. It marks the beginning of the next lunar cycle. So for this lunar cycle, the moon reached fullness on the 7th of March. It will reach its last quarter on March 15th, and the New Moon will occur on March 21st. This moon will then reach its first quarter on March 29th and become full on April 6th.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of The New Moon?

Because they mark the beginning of the lunar cycle, New Moons are often associated with new beginnings. As a result, this can be a great time to embrace rejuvenation, whether that means putting extra focus on self-care, or reconnecting with others you haven’t seen in a while. Starting out a new venture can be difficult, but it’s important to remember that we all make mistakes. The New Moon can be a time for lightheartedness, making fun of ourselves and not taking things too seriously as we push through our failures.

This New Moon is also in Aries, which adds an extra layer of meaning. This sign is associated with pushing through challenges and working as hard as possible, so we can take it as a reminder to focus on our self-improvement in this new chapter.

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