Hilarious Snow Day Memes Ahead Of Met Office Weather Warnings
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Hilarious Snow Day Memes Ahead Of Met Office Weather Warnings

Jasmyne Jeffery March 7, 2023

You either love it or hate it, but we all have to admit that snow always brings the UK to a standstill. This week, the Met Office has set several weather warnings across the UK, with the cold weather coming in. Whether we get a substantial amount or not, these Snow day memes and jokes will keep you entertained while waiting for the cocoa.

There will be people crossing all their fingers and toes to see some snow. Then, there will be those hoping and praying to avoid it. It can be a lot of fun and it’s a rarer form of weather, but it’s always very disruptive. One thing that’s certain, is that there’s not a lot you can do about it if it does decide to snow. Well, you can have a look at some hilarious jokes of course…

Met Office Issues Weather Warnings For Snow

Over the last week, the Met Office has issued yellow warnings for snow and ice. Starting today (March 7) in Scotland and North East England, a separate weather warning is in place tomorrow for the South and Wales. Thursday will see most of the UK under a warning, with only the midlands, Norwich and Cambridge unaffected.

On Friday, a yellow warning for Snow decreases to Scotland and North England and Wales.

Met Office says that those in affected areas should expect travel disruption, possible power cuts and slippery surfaces which could cause injury.

Hilarious Snow Day Memes To Keep You Entertained

Perhaps you’re off work, school or university and have found yourself a little bored. Or, maybe you’re one of the unlucky few who made it in only to find your friends and colleagues didn’t. Whatever your situation or your opinion on the weather, these jokes and memes will keep you in good spirits.

Rookie mistake. Just because you can get in, doesn’t mean you should.

There’s no point once you’re at work or school. Nobody wants to be stuck there!

A moment of thought for all those where snow won’t make a difference to their day.

Even if we only see a few flakes, we will be eagerly awaiting that closure email.

We all know that we deserve it.

Long gone are the days of a snow day meaning the day off. Just another thing Covid has ruined.

If it’s not going to snow on a weekday then there’s no point.

Ah yes, the day when we all forget that everyone else can see the snow too…

Somebody has always got more snow than you.

It’s fun at first, but the novelty of a snow day wears off pretty quickly.

Although most of the country is under a weather warning, we all know what the reality will be.

Whether we actually get a snow day or not, we hope these hilarious memes have either got your hopes up or cheered you up during the cold snap.

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