Symptoms of Spiking: Personal Stories and Experiences while at University
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Symptoms of Spiking: Personal Stories and Experiences while at University

Cicely McFarlane February 8, 2022

Specific examples used from individuals in this article have all consented to be included. I will use the terms Student A, B, and C to keep cases anonymous. It is important to hear what some people went through when spiked on a night out, in the hope to know what signals to look for if this were to happen to yourself or someone you know.

Spiking has occurred during house parties, when clubbing, or even in the light of day. Yet there was an influx of spiking through injections following the end of last year. This caused many anxieties for people to go into a crowded space. These atrocities still occurred and, sadly, many were affected. It is important to remember to be safe and never put your drink down and return to it. Also, it is vital to report anything you see that looks suspicious, or a situation that could cause somebody harm.

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From an interview with two girls aged 20 (student A and B), they told me what they experienced and the action they took after being spiked in a nightclub. Student A says she was distracted by a girl and then witnessed a guy behind her acting out of the ordinary, following this she witnessed him putting something into her drink. This is a particularly disturbing spiking incident, as it was two people who worked together to distract a potential victim.

Student B was also spiked in a nightclub. She shockingly only remembers waking up in hospital covered in blood. She was informed that she had fallen in the nightclub toilet and severely hit her head. In the hospital she was treated and it was confirmed she had been spiked. These disgusting and scarring stories highlight how much more needs to be done to ensure people’s safety, especially girls, in nightclubs.

What makes this situation even scarier is that, when Students A and B complained to their head of halls about the incidents they endured, they were met with victim blaming. The person they complained to commented on how the girls should be more careful when going out drinking, and to always watch their drinks. There needs to be more in place than this superfluous advice which adds no comfort or urgency to a vital issue.

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Finally, after speaking with a male student aged 21 (Student C), he stated the feelings he experienced when realising someone had spiked him in the Student Union. He said something felt very wrong and he was quite panicked about the whole situation. This was followed by becoming very ill after something was put in his drink. This also highlights that, although spiking occurs predominantly with women, men can also be a target.

These stories highlight the incidents that occur in today’s society. Regardless of age or gender, these scary incidents can happen to anyone. It is simply not good enough to tell the victims to be more careful, watch their drinks, or stay in a group. Action should be taken and implemented to prevent this from occurring again.

Please speak to the security, bar staff, or the police if anything like this happens to you or someone you know. If someone looks like they are not in a good place, loses all the ability to control their body, or is acting more drunk than the alcohol they have consumed would cause, help and then report the incident.

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