Take A Look Inside The Apprentice star Nick Showering's TikTok
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Take A Look Inside The Apprentice star Nick Showering's TikTok

Tamzin Meyer February 4, 2022

Series 16 of The Apprentice UK has already provided us all with some iconic moments. Thirty-one year old, Finance Manager, Nick Showering, who is a candidate on this year’s series has played his part in his fair share of tasks. In an absolutely hilarious reaction to his time so far on the show, Nick has taken to TikTok, winning over fans with his great sense of humour. Here’s a look at some of my favourite TikTok’s that can be found on Nick’s account.

Do you all remember when the boys were tasked to create a cruise ship brand name and logo? Then you will probably remember how they completely forgot to add the name ‘Seaquility’ next to their awful, turd-coloured logo! They definitely got torn apart in the board room but at least Nick can take the mick out himself in this TikTok. The logo was supposed to represent a wave and a yoga pose but whether that goal was successfully executed or not is another story!

#2 – Green and Brown For The Win

For some reason, the boys clearly thought that a green and brown colour scheme was sure to make their brand come out on top. Despite being criticised for this choice in week one, the boys continued into week two with the same colours being the centre of attention. At least Nick can laugh about it now!

#3 – A Work of Art

Here’s Nick showing off Vodify in all its glory – a non-alcoholic vodka-lime drink. To be fair, I preferred this packaging much more than the other team’s so I’ll let Nick show it off with pride.

#4 – Lord Sugar’s Favourite

As much as I love Nick I really don’t think that being ‘wifey material’ was the reason that Lord Sugar made him PM. Instead, it was because he had been partly responsible for a big failure that saw his team lose the task. Nevertheless, this TikTok made me laugh.

#5 – Getting In To Lord Sugar’s Good Books

So the secret to winning a task is to flirt with the boss of the boardroom? If only it was that easy to become Lord Sugar’s next business partner!

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