The Benefits Of Joining Student Government In Uni
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The Benefits Of Joining Student Government In Uni

Zoe Kramer March 12, 2023

When you arrive at university, there are an overwhelming number of extra-curriculars to choose from, from sports to societies and other organisations. As a result, it can be difficult to decide where to spend your time. However, one activity you may want to consider is joining student government. This can include roles ranging from student representative to leadership roles in your Students Union, such as Treasurer, Vice President or President. These activities can be incredibly rewarding and open new pathways for students. So here are some of the benefits of joining student government.

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Meet New People

Like other societies you can join, student government is a great way to meet like-minded people. While it is hard work, there are also plenty of socials and chances to kick back and have fun together. In addition, many student government roles involve surveying your peers and finding out what aspects of uni life they want to change, which is an excellent opportunity to get to know more people as well.

Affect Positive Change

One of the most rewarding parts of student government is getting to make real change in your university. Whether it’s starting an environmental initiative, running community building events, or helping advocate for students’ needs, student government allows you to take something you’re passionate about and make it a reality.

Learn To Handle Responsibility

It also can teach you valuable skills that can help you down the line. You might be responsible, for example, for handling funds or designing a poster to promote an event. These tasks aren’t always easy, but they can help improve those specific skills, and also help you become more comfortable taking on responsibility in the future.

Work As A Team

One of the greatest benefits of joining student government is learning to work effectively as a team. This involves strong organisation, delegation of tasks, and communication skills. Helping the team run smoothly is critical for carrying out your goals and coming into your own as a leader.

Launch Your Career

While many aspects of student government are rewarding on their own, it’s also a great bonus that it looks good on your CV. Being able to demonstrate the skills and expertise you’ve built up on student government is a great asset when it comes time to interview for jobs.

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