The Benefits Of Keeping A Physical Calendar
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The Benefits Of Keeping A Physical Calendar

Zoe Kramer February 6, 2023

These days most of us keep track of our schedules, meetings and appointments with a digital calendar. And while that works for many people, there are some unique benefits to keeping a paper calendar. So if you’re looking to change the way you organise your time or you’re just looking to try something new, here are some of the benefits of keeping a physical calendar.

Everything’s In One Place

Most people who have digital calendars have several different calendars that overlap: one for university or work, a personal calendar, possibly one for a social group, hobby or sport. These layers and layers of calendars can get difficult to keep track of. However, with a paper calendar, everything is in one place. This reduces the amount of confusion you have to deal with as you make plans.

Fewer Distractions

Ever found yourself trying to schedule something but you have several tabs open and notifications keep popping up? This is pretty par for the course with an online calendar, and it can be a bit of a headache. With a physical calendar, there is nothing to distract you as you work out your plans.

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Improved Memory

Many digital events are oranised through e-vites, which means you accept the invitation and it gets added to your calendar automatically. While this may be convenient, it also leaves you prone to forgetting about these events since you didn’t have to add them yourself. When you write something down on a paper calendar, the act of copying it down will help you remember the event better.

You Can Digital Detox And Still Keep Your Appointments

Being online every day can take a toll after a while. However, if your calendar is digital, it’s harder to separate yourself from the screen. Having a physical calendar allows you the freedom of being able to unplug and still keep track of everything you need to do.

Jot Notes Down Easily

Sometimes just the event and the time isn’t enough — in some cases, you may want to include added notes as to what the event is, what you want to prepare ahead of time, or something to bring up during a meeting. While you can do this on digital calendars, it’s a multi-step process. With a physical calendar, you can just jot your note down quickly before you forget it.

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