The Best Book Editions To Collect
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The Best Book Editions To Collect

Francesca Herring September 19, 2022

Most people collect something at some point in their lives. Maybe it’s coins or stamps. Or perhaps you like to collect different book editions! There are so many special editions of novels out there that are not only gorgeous but also increase in value over time. If you’re ready to begin collecting books, here are some editions to look out for!

Penguin Cloth-bound Classics

These are perhaps the most famous editions that collectors own. They are simply gorgeous! This collection features classic books, most of which are in the canon. Even if you’re not big on classic works, this collection is a must have. The cover of the book is bound in cloth and a pattern is then printed on the cloth. The patterns on these books are often a symbol relevant to the story which makes them even prettier. They retail at around £10 a book, some more expensive if the book is bigger. Lots of places sell them second hand however. So, if you want to liven up your shelves, start here!

Photo by Karim Ghantous on Unsplash

Penguin Classic Deluxe Book Editions

Penguin are the undisputed winners of gorgeous books. This collection includes some of the same titles to feature in the Clothbound editions. However, they’re just as lovely! These editions aren’t clothbound, they’re a standard cover. The covers are embossed though, adding some texture to them. They also feature some amazing art work from very talented artists. The art work is not only the best bit, it’s the pages too. They’re rough cut, which gives the book a totally different feel. Not everyone likes rough cut pages, but if you’re looking for a different style of book to collect then go for these! They are becoming rarer to find, but again, second-hand dealers will have them!

Barnes and Noble Collectible Book Editions

This collection is perhaps the most luxurious of them all. The Barnes and Noble editions are classic literature on a grand scale. And I mean that because the books are absolutely huge! This collection will take up a lot of room on your shelves due to the sheer size of each book, coming in at around 8.5 inches high! They also have foil edged binding and a ribbon bookmark. They’re certainly going to be one of the prettiest collections on your shelf!

Penguin Leather-bound Classics 

The only real difference between the cloth-bound and leather-bound is the material, as the names would suggest. However if you don’t fancy having the delicate cloth collections, the leather bounds are much more durable. Because the pattern is printed onto the cloth-bound editions it can wear away easily. However, the leather-bound ones have the same pattern, it’s just foil instead. They look fantastic when they’re sparkling on your shelf! They’re slightly pricier than the cloth-bound, but worth it.

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