The Best European Universities 2023 If You Want To Study Abroad
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The Best European Universities 2023 If You Want To Study Abroad

Jasmyne Jeffery February 17, 2023

Sometimes, going to university isn’t a big enough adventure. That’s the appeal of studying abroad — your degree, travelling and learning a new culture all in one. If the idea of studying elsewhere is tickling your fancy, then here are the best European universities in 2023 to pick from.

There’s a lot of stuff you want to do when you finally get your independence. Learning to drive, being able to go out or even just being in charge of the food shop. Two of the most popular options are going to university and travelling, and studying abroad combines them both.

You might have a whole bunch of reasons for wanting to take your studies to another country. Maybe you’ve always wanted to visit, you’ve got family there or it’s a country you want to work in! Whatever your reason, there are so many countries to visit in Europe that it’s a great location for travelling and studying. Plus, with so many countries bordering one another, it wouldn’t be too difficult to take a trip now and then to explore somewhere new!

The Best European Universities 2023

According to the Times Higher Education ranking, the entirety of the top 10 universities of the world’s best universities are from the UK and the US. However, that doesn’t mean the ones from the rest of the globe aren’t any good — far from it. Here are the best universities to study at in Europe that made the top 50.

The Top Universities

ETH Zurich

Just missing out on the top 10 is Switzerland’s ETH Zurich. Tied in eleventh place with Columbia, the public research university focuses on science, technology and mathematics. This is the university where Albert Einstein studied, so you’d have some pretty impressive alumni to brag about.

Like any top-ranking university, the acceptance rate is below average and competition is high. If you’ve got plans to study abroad here, then be aware it won’t be easy.

Technical University Munich

It’s a bit of a jump to the next university, and Technical University Munich which sits at 30. Another public research university specialising in technology, science and mathematics, it has retained the University of Excellence status since 2006.

LMU Munich

Staying in the city, LMU Munich only ranks three places lower than TUM. The Ludwig-Maximillian University is the second largest in Germany and boasts a student enrollment of over 50,000 in 2022/23; 9,000 of which were international.

Notable alumni include Pope Benedict XVI, as well as affiliations with 43 Nobel laureates.

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne

Coming 41 in the world is the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne. The university specialises in sciences and engineering where most undergraduate courses are taught in French. Whilst admission for Swiss students is fairly easy, it’s a strict process for international students. Plus, admission works differently than what you’re probably used to, with the selection process taking place in the first year.

Photo by Christian Lue on Unsplash

The Rest Of The Top European Universities 2023

Universität Heidelberg

For those who don’t speak German, this is Heidelberg University, which ranks 43 on THE’s world ranking. The university is the oldest in Germany and boasts its international capability. It has over 700 ERASMUS arrangements, 108 international programmes and 27 partner universities.

Degrees are primarily given in German. However, lectures deliver French and English courses as over 20 per cent of the student population is international.

PSL Research University Paris

A fairly new university, PSL was only formally created as a university in 2019. Impressively, it ranks 47 in the world already. Located in central Paris, this university is a great option for those wanting to experience French culture whilst studying abroad.

This is the top university in France and offers students degrees in science, humanities and performing arts. PSL is a collegiate university and has 11 schools around the city. 22 per cent of its students are international, with 43 courses taught in English.

Karolinska Institute

Just making it into the top 50 is Sweden’s Karolinska Institute which ranks at 49. This is a research-led medical university, ranking as one of the best in the world in its field.

KI has an exchange student agreement with over 100 universities in the world. So, if you’re not completely sold on studying abroad, then you can study in your home country and do an exchange program instead. Knowing enough Swedish, or another Scandinavian language, and English is a requirement.

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