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The Best iPads For Students: Which One You Should Buy

Jasmyne Jeffery June 2, 2023

It can be a great option for those who don’t want to lug around a computer. We give you some options for the best iPads for students at university,

Depending on your course, you may not need a proper computer at home to complete your studies. iPads are super portable and have a lot of the same capabilities as laptops. Plus, you might just find it more convenient for your course and for relaxing too.

It’s not always the most expensive that’s the best, especially with the amount of money students typically have.

With so many options, we have some technology advice on the best iPads for whatever your needs are.

The Best iPads For Students On A Budget

According to Macworld, these are the ones students should invest in. They’ve broken it down into the best low-cost iPad, the most portable and which one is the best all-rounder.

Best Low Cost iPad

Released in 2021, we recommend the iPad 10.2 9th generation for students with a lower budget. Unfortunately, it’s not quite as cheap as it used to be due to a hike in Apple‘s prices lately, but this is still the affordable option.

It will run all of Microsoft Office well and can be connected to a Bluetooth keyboard. This means it’s great for taking notes and even making presentations for dreaded group projects. Plus, it also supports the gen 1 Apple Pencil to really ups your note-taking game.

This iPad also comes with a new and improved camera quality and FaceTime, meaning speaking to family back home is super simple.

The only downside here is storage as the base model only comes with 64GB, less than most iPhones. However, you can get the 256GB version, but that will cost you a little more.

Buy this iPad on Apple, starting at £369.

The Most Portable

If you’re looking for something compact that you can take everywhere, the iPad mini 6th gen from 2021 is the option for you.

Though this is smaller than the above with a display of only 8.3 inches, it is considerably more expensive. However, it has a more powerful chip and powerful connectivity issues. You’ll have no issues streaming or downloading with this iPad.

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It also has a great camera, front and back for taking pictures of notes to write up later. The iPad is also compatible with Bluetooth keyboards instead of Apple’s own, saving you a little money.

It certainly is more of an investment, but it’s one of the best iPads for students.

Buy this iPad from Apple, starting at £569.

All Round Best iPads For Students

Now, on to the one that’s considered the best all-rounder. We are, of course, talking about the iPad 10.9 10th gen from last year. More than our first suggestion, this one is cheaper than the mini but comes with only slightly less power.

This version offers a landscape view for the camera due to a placement change, whilst having the same back camera as the iPad Air.

With the A14 chip, this will more than cover note-taking and streaming, as well as gaming and anything else you might need for your studies. It also has a USB-C switch, meaning you could always use it on an external display if you want a bigger screen at home.

The only downside is that the iPad requires a dongle for any jack-plug headphones or if you already have an Apple Pencil. However, you will get one included in the box.

The 10.9 isn’t perfect, but it covers a lot of grounds for your university needs.

Buy it from Apple, starting at £499.

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