The Best Skin and Face Tips For Students
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The Best Skin and Face Tips For Students

Cicely McFarlane January 29, 2023

It can be tough if your skin is not playing ball, so here are some of the best face and skin tips for students to ensure that is one less thing for you to worry about.

Almost everyone will have point in their life where they really start to struggle with their skin. This can be for many different reasons, like stress, unhealthy food habits, or weather. But sometimes this can be for almost no reason at all.

Do not feel alone in this stressful situation, as there are ways to try to prevent your skin from taking a turn, or to get the blood flow circulating to keep your skin as healthy as possible.

Below are some of the top skin tips for students (and for everyone else for that matter).

Anti-Aging and Sun Cream

This can deter wrinkles on your face from becoming more prominent. Accompanied by the use of SPF and sun cream, this can help prevent skin damage now.

The daily use of these creams together is great to keep as fresh-faced as possible.

There are many different brands to try, so make sure you read into what type of cream you are using as there will be ones for specifically oily or dry skin.

Understanding your skin type, then getting products that specifically assist it, is the best way.

The benefits of retinol are flying around social media right now. But, once again, read into how and when to use this if you do purchase, to make it as effective for your skin type as possible.

Using a Gua Sha

These are shaped stones that tend to come in the form of jade or quartz.

These devices are used to chisel and stimulate blood flow in your face.

Gua Sha are used by many to get a prominent jaw line but can also change your shape to feel fresher and more lifted.

This is a great tool to use for skin care and maintenance. It can be worked into your night-time routine to leave your face feeling worked and moisturized before you sleep.

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Regular Face and Eye Masks

Ensuring that your face is as moisturised as possible is a great place to start your skin journey. So investing in sheet masks is the way forward.

After a hard day at Uni or work, or if you just feel slightly overwhelmed, using one of these masks with a glass of your favourite drink can really bring your stress levels down.

This will enable your skin to avoid the effects of the daily stresses you may be feeling. Skin care, and ensuring you dedicate time to it, will be something you don’t regret.

You can purchase these in any available drug store. The charcoal foam sheet face mask is a slightly more expensive option but they are definitely my favourite.

Pore stripes

Pore stripes can also be a great way to remove any blackheads in built-up areas of our skin. Make sure to use a thin layer the first time you do this, as removing it can be quite sharp and painful. But you will not be disappointed with the results of a clear face.

Make sure to not overuse these as they could affect your skin from rebuilding in a healthy way.

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