The Best TV Streaming Service Deals
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The Best TV Streaming Service Deals

Tamzin Meyer January 20, 2022

Student life is hard! It’s even harder when you have to choose between keeping your streaming service subscription or putting food on the table. That student loan only stretches so far. But it is possible to still watch all of the latest shows at a fraction of the usual price, so the only difficult decision you have to face is deciding which programme to watch! Here’s a look at the best TV streaming service deals available to you at the moment.


Disney Plus is extremely popular right now and for good reason! Everything and anything to do with Disney can be found here. Every Disney movie is accessible, including any new releases, meaning that you can be one of the first to watch the latest live-action remake of your favourite animation. What’s more, you can delve into nostalgic shows from your childhood, taking you on a trip down memory lane as you watch shows like Good Luck Charlie and Hannah Montana. It’s not just Disney shows and films that you can watch on their streaming service. A range of National Geographic documentaries and Marvel films are also thrown into the mix.

At full price, Disney+ could cost you £7.99 a month but, luckily for students, you can now get 15% off your annual subscription. This will save you a decent amount. But it’s up to you whether you prefer to pay monthly at full price or in one single, discounted price.


NOW is a subscription service that has lots of things for you to get stuck into, whether that be the latest blockbuster, top TV series or exclusive sporting events. If anything, it is worth getting a subscription just for the sporting programmes alone as you will be certain to never miss out on the best matches!

It is fair to say though that NOW can be rather expensive. However, their current offer packages help to combat this so that no bank account is harmed when trying to watch the latest episode of Euphoria. There are currently three main offers on the NOW website; an entertainment and cinema seven day trial, a sports membership free trial, and a sports day and mobile month membership for a one-off payment of £9.98. This gives you the perfect chance to check out what’s on offer before committing to a subscription.


Netflix knows how popular it is at the moment and, unfortunately, has stopped running its free trial offer as a result. Netflix original shows like Squid Game and Bridgerton have proved very successful and are a way of enticing customers into subscribing as you can’t access these shows anywhere else. If you don’t want to miss out, I suggest going for the basic subscription service at £5.99. You still get access to all of the shows but at a slightly lower quality picture. But, as a student, does this really matter?

Amazon Prime

Amazon have one of the best student offers when it comes to subscription services. You can get a six-month free trial of Amazon Prime Student which gives you all of the perks to Prime Delivery as well as access to an array of films and shows on Prime Video, including Amazon Prime Originals. This is definitely an opportunity worth taking. But it is worth noting down when your free trial runs out if you don’t want to continue with your subscription, as six months is a long enough time for you to forget.

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YouTube Premium

I would class YouTube Premium as a bit of a luxury for students. You don’t really need it, but it will make your life a bit easier if you do have it. While access to YouTube is free, Premium allows you to download videos to watch on the go whilst also allowing you to watch ad-free! There are a couple of offers available, although you will need to make a purchase to access these. You can get a three-month free trial when you buy a Google Nest or you can grab yourself a free trial for up to four months when you buy an eligible Samsung device.

These are great offers if you are already planning on purchasing these devices. Otherwise they will cost you significantly more than the normal monthly subscription.


BritBox is a fairly new TV subscription service that is just starting to gain hype. It is the place to go for all of your British TV favourites, including shows from BBC, ITV and more. The range of shows available is growing and growing. So, if you wish to check out what’s on offer, they are offering you a seven-day free trial. You will then have to pay £5.99 if you wish to continue with your subscription, which is a bit pricey for us Brit’s as most of the shows are available through ITV Hub and BBC iPlayer anyway.

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