Next Steps After The Daunting Feeling of Leaving University
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Next Steps After The Daunting Feeling of Leaving University

Cicely McFarlane March 4, 2022

Leaving University can cause many people to think about their next steps and what the future entails. Some people have a clear mindset of where they are going and what they want to achieve from a young age.

However, to those who feel slightly at a loss or up in the air about the direction they are going in, don’t panic. Just because some people have a goal they are striving for, that doesn’t mean you have to as well. It is better to take your time and find something you enjoy, then land yourself in a job that you end up resenting.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a job. Everybody needs to support themselves as much as possible. But don’t feel pressure to get your dream job straight away or believe you are a failure if you do not get where you want to be immediately.

What is Beyond Education?

Probably for the first time since leaving school, you won’t be surrounded by your peers who you are used to following similar paths with. Of course, this should be an exciting time of course, but I’m sure everyone will be experiencing plenty of anxiousness about where to go and what to do.

For some people, this will become an opportunity to travel and explore places you haven’t had the opportunity to see thus far. 

If you don’t have the travel bug and are itching to start making your millions. Finding a job as you wait for the responses from dream jobs, or gaining experience in a certain field, is exciting to do on your own terms.

Accepting that you will not be on the same path as your friends, and finding a position to earn money is a position that many of us graduates will hopefully find ourselves in. Not having an exact plan can be daunting. But tackling this with the idea of infinite possibilities in mind will help ease those creeping feelings of doubt.

Applying for Graduate Roles

Future graduates who want to go straight into a position that could lead to a career are probably applying for graduate spaces on certain schemes or apprenticeships. Tips for this would be specific to the type of role you are applying to and what they require from specific candidates.

However, speaking more generally, ensuring your LinkedIn profile is up to date and full of your accomplishments can make all the difference. Companies seeking future graduates may headhunt you.

Start researching before the end of your academic year to successfully reach application deadlines. You don’t want to end up missing something that could suit you or your specific skill set.

It’s sad finishing university, leaving behind friends and places where you have made a life for yourself. But try to think only of the fun times you’ve had and the new possibilities this next stage in your life will bring. University is such an important stage in a young person’s life and, whether good or bad, you will have memories for life. The next steps are exciting. However, don’t feel alone if you are overwhelmed with where to begin your next steps.

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Cicely McFarlane is a 23-year-old Graduate from Cardiff University. She has an undergraduate degree in History, and has just completed her master’s in Journalism, Media, and Communications. Whilst studying, she contributed to the Student Newspaper, as well as the student magazine named Quench. This fuelled her passion for writing further and enjoys reviews on the latest trends and TV shows, as well as commenting on important issues that occur today. She is a content writer for Freshered Magazine for over a year where she specifically tailors and creates articles for the Freshered audience. She is excited to grow as a journalist as she continues to expand her topics and horizons.