The Make Your Own Kind Of Music TikTok Meme With Hilarious Examples
Pedro Pascal in a brown open shirt and red trousers at The Mandolorian premier. He has his hands in his pocks and looks above the camea
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The 'Make Your Own Kind Of Music' TikTok Trend Explained With Hilarious Examples

Jasmyne Jeffery February 25, 2023

If there are two things the internet loves, it’s memes and Pedro Pascal. Off the bank of The Last of Us and The Mandolorian success, fans clearly think the man-of-the-moment needs more fame with the hilarious ‘make your own kind of music’ Tiktok trend. We explain the Pedro Pascal meme and give you some hilarious examples.

Don’t lie and say you haven’t seen *those* Pedro Pascal edits all over TikTok; we know you’re secretly obsessed. Luckily, you don’t have to keep the next viral trend featuring the star hidden as it can only be hilarious. If you want to get involved or just want some hilarious versions, we can provide them.

The template for the TikTok meme is from a scene from the movie The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent which the actor starred in with Nicholas Cage.

It shows Nicholas Cage turning towards Pedro looking a little concerned as they ride in a car together. It then cuts to Pedro, with a massive grin on his face looking a little out of it.

The premise of the meme is that somebody comes to the realisation that something has happened out of their control. This could be bad, unpleasant, or even just something unsurprising. The culprit is then very pleased with their work. Over the top of the template is the song, ‘Make Your Own Kind of Music’ by Mama Class, giving the meme its name.

Hugely popular over the last few days, the already has over 8k videos to it. That is sure to increase as it floods everyone’s For You page. With so many possibilities with the template, it’s no wonder that it’s gone viral.

Hilarious Examples Of The ‘Make Your Own Kind Of Music’ TikTok Trend

What we all want is to see the funniest versions of the meme, which we can very happily provide. Some are relatable, some are hilarious; a fair few are both.

If you don’t know who the bad driver it out of your friend group, then it’s probably you.

Therapy is super helpful, but it’s probably best you deal with the big stuff early on in your sessions…

Look, iced coffee makes it all better and we’ve all got to take the small things in life.

Both are valid methods of preparing for an exam.

Let’s be honest, it’s Pedro Pascal at the moment.

This happens so often that it shouldn’t even be a surprise.

Everyone knows that the worst jokes are the best ones.

The stereotype of girls not buying their own food and then stealing their boyfriend’s may be a tad too accurate.

That edit haunted us yet we could never look away…

Let’s just say that you might be put off golf for a little while.

The meme of the moment is absolutely hilarious and there are hundreds of them on TikTok. Visit the sound to see so many funny and imaginative examples. We just wish we could have included them all. We really hope that the Pedro Pascal memes never leave us and that the ‘make your own kind of music’ TikTok trend sticks around.

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