How To Get The Teenage Filter On TikTok And Instagram
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How To Get The Teenage Filter As It Trends On Instagram And TikTok

Jasmyne Jeffery February 22, 2023

Ageing is a slow process, but it definitely catches up with you. Even if you’re only in your 20s, looking back to your teenage days makes you notice the changes in your face. Whilst we might not have had the healthiest skin in our adolescence, a new Instagram and TikTok teenage filter trend is showing us what we could have looked like.

There are constantly new filters on TikTok and Instagram, some a little more dramatic than others. Whilst some just add a bit of a blur or a shimmer, others turn you into an alien or a cat. The latest one to catch people’s attention turns you into a former version of yourself…ish. Go back to your teenage years with the latest trending filter!

How To Get The Filter

The filter is finally available in the US, which means that people are already obsessed and trying it out for themselves.

On TikTok, and click the plus icon as if you were taking a video or a photo to upload. In the bottom left corner will be the effects button, so give that a tap. At the top, use the search feature to find ‘teenage look’. This will then apply the filter to your screen, splitting it in half to show your true and teenage self separately.

If you still can’t find it using the filter tool, then just find a video that has used it. You’ll be able to apply the sound and filter to your own video so you can get the teenage filter. A little disclaimer — it’s not available in every country yet and is only just been given to US users. So, if you’re elsewhere in the world you might have to wait.

On Instagram, the exact filter cannot be found. Instead, they offer a mix of different teenage-themed filters that you can try out, but they’re not quite so effective. Simply go to make a story or a reel and scroll right to the end where you’ll be able to search through all Instagram’s effects. Search for ‘teenage’ and a load of filters will come up.

Great Examples Of The Teenager Self Trend On TikTok

We couldn’t tell you all about the teenage filter without showing you some great examples. Whilst the results are a little spooky, they’re definitely going to make you want a go. Just keep in mind we don’t think it’ll look exactly as you did at 14…

First up is an attempt from model Tess Holliday, who is a little creeped out by the filter.

This user went on a journey using the TikTok teenage filter. It’s hard to imagine what we would say to ourselves at that age again.


I was NOT expecting to go on such an emotional journey 😍😢😳#teenagefilter #fyp #tonerandh00ch #viral

♬ Forever Young – Alphaville

A mom trying it out with her daughter definitely makes them look like best friends instead of being her parent! you can tell the daughter is a little freaked out by it too!


Hahahha omg 😂 throwback to 2005 ? 😂 #trending #teenagefilter

♬ Here With Me – d4vd

Commenters on this video can’t believe how much she looks like her daughters when the teenage filter is applied. The results are truly baffling.

The only thing left to do now is to try the TikTok teenage f filter out for yourself! There’s a real mix of songs people are using with the trend, but our personal favourites are using The Verve or Teenage Dirtbag. Have a go and see if it really is you as a teenager!

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