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The Most Affordable Student Cities

Zoe Kramer January 19, 2023

With the cost of living crisis putting a financial strain on students, affordability is more important than ever. Many of the factors involved in the cost of living come down to where you live. In cities like London and Brighton, for example, you can expect high rent and food prices compared to other cities. But which cities are known for the lowest prices? Here are some of the most affordable student cities that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.


Due to its reasonable average salary and medium rent prices, Manchester is one of the most affordable cities in the UK. Transport, food, rent and utilities are also reasonable compared to many other cities. With five universities and a student population of over 100,000, students will find themselves as part of a thriving and vibrant community without having to spend too much.


Once considered a highly expensive place to live, Aberdeen is now among the most affordable cities for students. The main factor that contributes to this are the city’s low rental and housing prices. This combined with high average salaries means that residents of Aberdeen enjoy a significant disposable income. The University of Aberdeen is a historic university with top-notch courses, and students can enjoy the many cultural institutions the city has to offer.

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Cardiff is a fantastic city for students. Whether you choose to study at Cardiff University, Cardiff Met, or the University of South Wales, you’ll have no trouble finding reasonably priced housing. The price of bills and food is also relatively low. With this extra money to spend, students can enjoy the city’s exciting nightlife or go for a shopping trip at St. David’s.


University students are sure to feel welcome in Sheffield, where students make up 10% of the population. Rent prices are reasonable, and if you aren’t within walking distance of your uni, a monthly transportation ticket gives you access to all the public transit you could need without breaking the bank. Sheffield is a very safe city, and students can enjoy its greenery and local culture.


If you’re looking for a big-city experience, Birmingham is a much more affordable alternative to London. Despite salaries being lower than London, the rent prices are low enough to make it affordable. Birmingham is a growing city with lots of employment options for when you graduate.

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