The Most Nostalgic Christmas Film Soundtracks
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The Most Nostalgic Christmas Film Soundtracks

Cicely McFarlane November 27, 2022

Christmas songs and festive movies are things people look forward to all year. Each year, it seems to be earlier and earlier when it becomes acceptable to start playing Christmas songs and watching your all-time favourite flicks.

I have to admit I’m guilty of this myself. After bonfire night I tend to get myself very much in the Christmas spirit.

Christmas ignites a sense of childlike joy in all of us. This is mainly down to the nostalgia we feel from a certain film or song. The sense of family, warmth, and excitement that comes with this is unmatched.

Below are two of the most nostalgic Christmas film soundtracks that are out there today, what films they feature in, and why many people love them to this day.

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Home Alone

This 1990s film is an absolute classic and is, without doubt, a Christmas must-see. The soundtrack, by John Williams, is recognisable instantly. The main song on the soundtrack is entitled ‘Somewhere in my Memory’.

A soundtrack is good when you hear it and automatically think of the film. This is what Home Alone does, as Williams’ music has a huge impact on whoever listens to it. It is emotional yet also has a warmth and sense of magic to it.

This beautiful blend is often performed by choirs as it is viewed by many as a Christmas carol and is undeniably a Christmas classic.

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The Snowman

You can’t talk about nostalgic Christmas film soundtracks without mentioning The Snowman. This 1982 film is a true traditional classic. This has an angelic song by Howard Blake which everyone knows called ‘Walking in the Air’.

No one can get confused what film this song is from as it is that iconic. There is a sense of innocence to it, which is also what the whole film is about.

This is also usually played in choir concerts around Christmas time due to its sweet and mellow tone.

Other films such as Love Actually, The Grinch, Miracle On 34th Street and even Die Hard, all have soundtracks which are extremely recognisable.

However, the difference with these two films is how they encapsulate the whole genre and innocence of Christmas as a child.

In short, they are nostalgic, magical, and perfect.

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