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The Red Moon Spiritual Meaning, Causes And Superstitions

Jasmyne Jeffery May 18, 2023

We pay a lot of attention to the moon, especially when it does something a little unusual. For example, when it changes colour. We look at the red moon spiritual meaning, what causes it to change colour and the superstitions attached to it.

The moon has fascinated us since the beginning of time, and it keeps doing different things to make us look up at the sky in wonder. Only recently, we’ve had the five-planet alignment but they’ll be plenty more reasons to gaze up as the year goes on.

One wonder that captivates us is when the moon changes colour and appears red. This can happen twice a year, with different intensities.

Why Does The Moon Change Colour?

We get a red moon when there is a lunar eclipse, however light from a sunset or sunrise appears on the moon’s surface.

This can only happen during a full eclipse when the moon is completely in the Earth’s shadow. A little bit of the sunrise/sunset light is cast upon the moon, however, because the light waves are stretched, the colour appears a deep red or sometimes brown.

Many factors can affect the intensity of the colour. For example, if there is a lot of pollution then it will be duller, but a recent volcanic eruption will make it much deeper.

The last time we had a total lunar eclipse was last October, which produced a Beaver Blood Moon. The next time this is expected to happen isn’t until at least next year.

However, you can still expect to see a red moon later on this year.

The Red Moon Has Different Superstitions

As with many wonders in the sky, different beliefs are attached to it. So, it’s no wonder that when it turns red, people can get a little superstitious.

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In older civilisations, the red or blood moon was seen as a bad omen that brought evil. Already, there were certain beliefs about a regular eclipse, including a giant cat eating the moon. So, you can see why a red moon might have seemed worse.

Largely, the moon changing colour was a sign of the apocalypse. As we’re all still here now, this superstition is very much a myth. However, many still think that it’s a cause of sudden madness and that evil is more powerful on nights when the red moon is out.

Though we’re likely safe from extra-terrestrial jaguars or demons, maybe keep an eye out on a blood moon for any…unusual happenings.

What Is The Red Moon Spiritual Meaning?

Although it has some scary interpretations above, the spiritual meaning of the red moon is nothing of the sort.

In fact, it’s actually meant to be a time for letting go of the past and taking on the change that’s about to happen in your life. If you are more spiritually inclined, then it is the perfect opportunity for a rebirth of yourself.

For those looking for a time to change something about themselves, be that their environments, relationships or work life, then the red moon is a sign to do that.

During the red moon, make plans for these changes and reflect on the life that brought you to where you are. Think carefully about what you want to take with you as you transgress, and what’s better left behind.

Though the ancient civilisations would want you to fear it, it’s not a time to be afraid at all. In fact, the more you embrace it, the more able you’ll be to tackle any new challenges.

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