The Spiritual Meaning As 5 Planets Align In March 2023
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The Spiritual Meaning As 5 Planets Align In March 2023

Jasmyne Jeffery March 23, 2023

A rare astronomical occurrence is happening next week featuring Mars, Venus, Uranus, Mercury and Jupiter. Called the Parade of Planets, we take a look at the event and what the spiritual meaning of the 5 planets aligning is.

Though it’s not exactly once in a lifetime, it’ll still be something star lovers won’t want to miss. As over half the planets come together, there must be a spiritual significance to the 5 planet alignment in 2023. See what the parade means for you.

Mars, Venus, Uranus, Mercury and Jupiter Are Coming Together

On March 28, next Tuesday, the 5 planets will align and all will be visible. Though some will be more difficult than others, only the weather will stop you from seeing the parade of planets.

Mars, Uranus, Mercury and Jupiter will be within a 50-degree sector within the sky with Venus appearing a little higher. Visibility will begin just after sunset, with Mercury and Jupiter shining brighter and near the horizon. Though seeing one or two planets isn’t uncommon, like the Jupiter-Venus conjunction last month, a large planetary alignment happens less often.

Viewers will probably require some binoculars to see Uranus, the furthest of the 5 planet alignment from the sun. However, the others should be visible with the naked eye, especially Mars and Venus.

The last time the parade of planets was on show was only last year, however, it was 2016 before then.

There are a number of apps available to track the planets’ location in relation to you to give you the best chance of spotting them.

Photo by David Menidrey on Unsplash

Spiritual Meaning Of 5 Planet Alignment in 2023

Not only is the planets aligning a visual spectacle, but it also has a spiritual meaning for those who are interested.

Though the links between planetary alignment and their symbolic meanings are still new, it’s definitely a developing area of research.

Each planet has its own meaning and energy, so when they come together these offer disrupt one another. However, as the planets get ‘closer’ the gravitational pull means their energies are stronger.

  • Mars: Action, desire and survival instincts.
  • Venus: Desire, balance and harmony.
  • Jupiter: Optimism, success, and generosity.
  • Mercury: Transcendence, communication and intelligence.
  • Uranus: Progression, enlightenment and independence.

Looking at what links the 5 planets is the opportunity and chance for success. Combining Mars, Jupiter and Uranus sees a clear message for things working out in your favour. If you take action and think optimistically about desires in your life, then now is the time that it will work out.

As Venus and Mercury are together, it could also be a time for you to make a change or take a chance in an aspect of your life. As long as you consider your options and what will work out best for you, the 5 planet alignment is the time for you to embrace your desires and seek harmony in your life. If you feel imbalanced or out of touch with yourself and others, the parade of planets is the time to realign.

Embrace independence at this time. Though communication can be with others, it’s also internal. Be truthful with your intentions and desires with yourself and your loved ones.

By all means, look to the skies to take in the spectacular view as the 5 planets align. However, look to yourself to ensure you’re seizing opportunities that create equilibrium in your life.

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