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The Top Universities For Architecture In The UK

Jasmyne Jeffery April 14, 2023

Architecture is a complex, yet rewarding degree with a lot of potential. It can also be competitive, especially when prospective students all want to attend the best institutions. Get ahead of the game and get your applications ready for the top universities for architecture in the UK.

When applying for any course, you want to that that the university running it is the best match for you. That’s not necessarily where it ranks in the league tables; it can be the location, proximity to home, content converted, amongst a whole range of things. However, we’d all be lying if we said that how well our university is regarded doesn’t mean anything.

That’s no different with architecture, which is already a challenging degree to get into. If that’s where your passions are, then knowing the universities that come out on top is vital to making that all-important decision.

The Top UK Universities For Architecture

The Complete University Guide looks at entry standards, student satisfaction, research quality and graduate prospects when ranking universities for their architecture degrees. After assessing the above, these are the ones that come out on top:

5. University of Edinburgh

In the last year, the University of Edinburgh has risen in the league table, finally making the top five. Breaking down its score, the prestigious institution has 90 per cent in entry standards, however, its student satisfaction drops to 76. It’s research quality and graduate prospects are 85 and 89 per cent respectively.

Overall, it scores 93 per cent.

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4. Loughborough University

Moving down a place, Loughborough University is now positioned in fourth place. The university does well with its research quality and graduate prospects score, having 90 and 90 per cent. Its student satisfaction is also impressively at 85 per cent, the highest on the table. However, its entry standards do bring the institution down with only 78 per cent, the second lowest in the top ten.

Overall, Loughborough University scores 97 per cent.

3. University of Sheffield

Having a very impressive year, the University of Sheffield has jumped six places in the table, becoming a top three university for architecture in the UK. Performing very well in the research quality and graduate prospects area, with 90 and 92 per cent, they also score highly in the other two categories. For entry standards, the university receives 83 per cent and for student satisfaction, it gets 84 per cent.

This means that, overall, the University of Sheffield gets a very impressive 98 per cent.

2. University of Cambridge

It’s no surprise that an Oxbridge university made it onto this list. What is a little shocking is that it’s been knocked off its first-place seat. It scores particularly well, however, it’s let down in one area which means it missed out on the top spot.

In entry requirements, unsurprisingly the top UK university gets 94 per cent, the highest of its scores. In the other areas, the University of Cambridge receives 91 per cent in research quality and 90 per cent in graduate prospects. However, it’s in student satisfaction that the high-ranking Russell Group university suffers, scoring only 76 per cent.

This doesn’t appear to affect its overall score as the universities still receive 100 per cent.

The Top University In The UK For Architecture

Last, but certainly not least, we have the number one university in the UK for architecture. The accolade goes to none other than the University of Bath.

According to the league table, the university gets 95 per cent in entry standards, 85 in student satisfaction, a slightly lower score of 83 for research quality and 92 per cent for graduate prospects.

The same as Cambridge, the University of Bath gets an overall score of 100 per cent.

If you’re looking to attend the best university for architecture in the UK, then you now know that Bath should be your number one choice. However, all of the above are excellent universities, so you can’t go wrong with any of them!

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