If you are wondering about the university with the best merch, you have come to the right place. Here is a list of some of the finest on the market.

#1 – University of Oxford

The University of Oxford has considered everybody when it comes to merch. The fact that they have a babywear range is enough to deserve the top spot with this alone. Their collection of merch is so vast, ranging from brightly coloured sweatshirts that are the epitome of student fashion, to random, Oxford themed gimmicks such as bottle openers and fridge magnets. These make for the best souvenirs to gift to relatives or for you to treat yourself, just to brag that you have been to one of the top UK universities.

#2 – University of Leeds

Leeds has made sure that their merch isn’t just your average tote bag and hoodie. Of course, they still sell all the staples you would expect from a uni merch store, but with extra special designs. You will certainly stand out with their illustrated pouch bags or cute ‘Love Your Time at Leeds’ travel mug. If you want to take your merch with you to the lecture theatre, why not invest in some crested stationery essentials? Now you can be both practical and stylish!

#3 – University of Edinburgh

Edinburgh really knows how to get down with the current trends and makes sure that students will want to wear their merch rather than buying it for the sake of it. Their clothes are actually wearable (I’ve seen some uni merch that are fashion disasters so this makes a change) with tie dye, colourful hoodies and rose-coloured cardigans. Some of the memorabilia doesn’t look like merch at all (other than the fact that it has ‘University of Edinburgh’ plastered all over it). The sweatshirts on their website are made from organic cotton so you are guaranteed great quality too.

brown concrete building under white clouds during daytime
Photo by tommao wang on #4 – University of Bath

I would be lying if I said that Bath made this list purely for its cute collection of rubber ducks. The silver and gold ducks are my personal favourite and would look good on any student’s desk. While some of their merch is questionable (who wants to go on their holiday wearing Uni flip flops?), they do have a variety of uni merch essentials that would make good souvenirs for any student who wants to remember their time at the uni. If you visit their store purely for their ducks though, it will be worthwhile.

#5 – University of Glasgow

Glasgow certainly wanted their merch to stand out, as I have never seen another uni go as far as making their own chess board. The Glasgow 3D Chess Set features pieces that resemble key Glasgow uni landmarks, making it a special piece of memorabilia. Quality is a clear priority for Glasgow; their bags and sweatshirts are beautifully designed and will be a wonderful addition to your study kit, fitting in all of your books and equipment.

#6 – University of Cambridge

I especially love Cambridge’s merch as it extends much further than notebooks and pens. Their souvenirs are especially worth the money, with the Cambridge snow globe being a cute reminder for anybody who has been a student there. If anybody is up for a game of cards, why not consider purchasing the special Cambridge pack designed with all the school crests on them? There is a variety of things to discover, from little gimmicks to the more noticeable pieces.

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