You spend half of Sixth Form preparing for University. Writing personal statements, attending the open days, longing for the freedom it will bring. And you don’t appreciate Year 12 and Year 13 as there are bigger and better things ahead. I look back at my Sixth Form and realise there’s a lot that I miss. Here are five things I took for granted at school. 

Seeing my friend group everyday

If you were lucky enough to have a good friendship group in Sixth Form, you’ll feel the loss as your friends are scattered across the country. Planning reunions six months in advance becomes the norm, and it’s like not everyone will be able to attend. But it’s a sacrifice you have to make to see everyone on their own journeys. 

The workload

I will never underestimate how difficult A-levels are. But the workload is considerably less than university. Having set deadlines, tests and printed work books is a dream for anybody terrible at time management. Not being in charge of your own workload is what I miss the most.

The support system

At university you may feel like a small fish in a big pond. While this is great to gain independence, I do miss the personal connections made in Sixth Form. Teachers had less students to focus on and really cared about your well-being. Sometimes university can be overwhelming and it’s difficult to know where to turn for help. 

The frees

Free periods were one of my favourite things about Sixth Form. Although they were set for students to do work, catching up on daily gossip, having a quick nap and doing Buzzfeed quizzes were what they were mainly used for.

Sixth Form food 

Every time I spend more than £5 for lunch I have to take 10 deep breaths. I long for days I could walk into the Sixth Form canteen and spend 80p for a sufficient bowl of pasta. I deeply regret not stocking up on the food. 

Overall, if you’re still in Sixth Form, don’t wish your time away. Good times are ahead but make sure to appreciate the ones you’re currently having.

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