TikTok Trivia Questions Test Your General Knowledge As Quiz Goes Viral
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TikTok Trivia Questions Test Your General Knowledge As Quizzes Goes Viral

Jasmyne Jeffery February 16, 2023

Whether you want to admit it or not, we’re all a little obsessed with TikTok. Whether it’s hilarious memes, learning hacks or viral trends, there’s always something to keep us hooked. However, we should probably keep our minds in check with a little quiz now and then. Thankfully, users giving us TikTok Trivia questions are testing your general knowledge to keep you on your toes.

Sure, we all love mindlessly scrolling through memes, pranks and dances but we should probably consider the effect it’s having on our brains. Luckily, a TikTok trend is making sure every day is a learning day with some general knowledge sprung on you.

TikTok Trivia Questions Has Taken Over The App

Your knowledge of memes, trends and dances might be expert, but it’s your general knowledge that will set you apart from the rest. Be ready at any moment for some TikTok trivia questions to appear on your For You page ready to test your fact retention.

Of course, you could just carry on scrolling, but we all love a challenge. Answer the questions, take down your score and share it with your friends to see who has the best general knowledge

Some are a little more obscure and some you should really know. If you end up with a low score, then perhaps it’s time to put your phone away and get out a book…

Lots of the quizzes are a little more specific and are about films, franchises and more. So, if you think you’re an expert in that field, then see if you’re a genius or if you need to scrub up on your knowledge.

The videos have millions and millions of views, with the trivia hashtag having over 8 billion views, which is just an absurd number.

Test Your General Knowledge With These TikTok Quizzes

If you’ve heard enough and your competitive nature is on the rise, then we’ve got some great examples of some of the trivia questions you’ll see on the app. Take the ultimate TikTok Trivia quiz with this selection and see how you do!


TikTok Trivia 21! Six questions of increasing difficulty, up to 21 points — it’s trivia time! #trivia #quiz #gameshow #tiktoktrivia21

♬ original sound – Muffy Marracco

Firstly, some simple general knowledge that gets a little harder as you go on. Lots of commenters only got one point, so if you do better than that then you’re on to a winner.

These TikTok trivia questions are for the film buffs out there.

Now, this one says that you should really be getting these questions right. Whether you want to actually admit your score is up to you.


Are you smarter than a 12 year old? #quiz #trivia #mahan #triviacrack @Trivia Crack

♬ Lady – Hear Me Tonight – Modjo

He’s back again and comparing our general knowledge to that of a 12-year-old. This TikTok quiz one may hurt your pride a little…

This one just reminds us of when everybody has the logo game on their phones in the 2010s. See how much you can remember with these logo trivia quiz questions!

That’s just 5 of the hundreds of TikTok trivia questions on the app. Maybe you’ve had enough and been humbled by your lack of points, or maybe it’s just made you want to do more. What the trend is definitely proving is that we’re all a little addicted to testing how much we know, as well as looking at memes.

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