Tips On How To Enjoy University As An Introvert

Molly Raby April 30, 2022

People say that your time university is made up of ‘the best years of your life’. Somewhere you can date around, drink all the time and party each night away. Well, firstly, that’s a lot of pressure to put on yourself. And secondly, what if that isn’t you? What if being curled up on your bed watching Bridgerton alone for four hours is more your style? In short, what if you are heading to university as an introvert?

Well, don’t worry! Here are some tips and tricks to help you make the most of your university experience even if you’re not particularly outgoing.

Find other introverts

This may sound counterintuitive, however finding some likeminded people could really help. Basically, you won’t be the only introvert at your university. You can text with them or even organise a small gathering. If they are like you, they won’t force you to go out or meet up when you don’t want to. Or make you feel bad about cancelling something (odds are, they didn’t want to go anyway).

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Whether it is to block out noisy students who aggressively socialise in the library, or to listen to comfort music, headphones are a lifesaver. You don’t even have to listen to anything. You could wear them as a sign that says ‘Please don’t talk to me’, which is totally fine too! Little things like this can make activities like going to the library or sitting in a packed coffee shop, just that bit easier for the average introvert.

Try to push yourself

Obviously we all love a comfort zone, that’s why it’s called that. However, when you manage to leave your little bubble of security, you end up learning new things about yourself. Maybe try to push yourself to do something that you wouldn’t normally do. Whether that is going to a small party with friends, signing up to a society or even just ordering a coffee in person.

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Remember, usually, the people at university are folks you have never met before. So they don’t know anything about you or your past. They don’t know that you have always been an introvert. Why not try shedding your skin and even just pretending to be a confident person for a week or two? You might surprise yourself.

Alone time

There is absolutely no shame in alone time. Just because you are at university, doesn’t mean that you have to be doing something at all times. University work is hard, that’s the whole point. So, even if you become mentally exhausted from your workload, you are well within your rights to take time to recharge your mental health. And if you need extra time to let your social meter fill back up, then that is 100% alright too.

Stay true to yourself

The bottom line is, you know yourself better than anyone else. Don’t let anyone force you to do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. Try to let go of the notion that you are ‘missing out’ on something if you don’t have a lavish social life at university. Everyone’s path looks different and just because yours doesn’t look like someone else’s, doesn’t mean yours is any less valid.

Being an introvert at university may seem overwhelming at first, but please don’t worry. You’ll be absolutely fine.

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