Valentine's Day Quiz Questions And Answers To Test Uni Students
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Valentine's Day Quiz Questions And Answers To Test Uni Students

Jasmyne Jeffery February 10, 2023

The day of love is quickly approaching which means it’s the perfect time for a university pub quiz. Even if you only do it with your flatmates, these Valentine’s Day quiz questions and answers are great for a fun evening, particularly for the lonely-hearted. Put down your assignments and books for an evening and organise some fun Valentine’s trivia; even better if there are snacks involved.

Long gone are the days of February 14 just being for loved-up couples. Now, we have Galentine’s Day the day before, and even the day itself can be shared with friends. Plus, you get some great deals on discounted chocolate in the days after. Don’t let yourself or your uni friends be downhearted because you’ve not got a date. Grab yourself some student discount-friendly Valentine’s treats (or even a Valentine’s Day meal deal if you want to be extra) and have a laugh with a quiz instead.

Valentine’s Day Quiz Questions And Answers For Students

There will be no Bridget Jones-ing ‘All by myself’ this year, reclaim the day, share the love with your friends and have a giggle while you’re at it. We’ve got some great questions and answers to fuel your Valentine’s Day quiz.

Q: What did the letter X mean on a letter before it became a kiss?

A: The cross! It was used for blessing a letter with the symbol of Christ. It’s not quite known how it then became a kiss, but the etymology isn’t too far away from how we use it in texts nowadays.

Q: How many roses are grown for Valentine’s Day each year?

A: 250 million! Not all to one person of course, but that’s still an unfathomable amount, particularly when they aren’t the not flowers sent.

Q: Which content creation platform debuted on February 14 in 2005?

A: YouTube. The video-sharing site now makes a revenue of over 25 billion, but it does share its birthday with Valentine’s Day.

Q: When was the first ever Valentine’s Day?

A: The first Valentine’s Day was all the way back in 496, so if you think it’s outdated, you’re not wrong. It’s thought to have come from the Roman festival Lupercalia, which was celebrated in mid-February. When it was taken on by the Church of England, it was turned into a Christian festival which celebrated St Valentine.

Q: What did St Valentine help people do?

A: Most famously, the saint helped people get married, which really does make sense. It was against the law at the time as the emperor thought husbands made bad soldiers. The Emperor eventually found out and St Valentine was sentenced to death. So, at least it had a happy ending…

Valentine’s Day Trivia To Put You To The Test

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Q: Who buys the majority of Valentine’s Day gifts, men or women?

A: Women…by quite a bit, but we’re not exactly surprised. Women purchase approximately 85 per cent of Valentine’s Day gifts. Now might be a good time to make a subtle suggestion if you’re a tad worried the man in your life has forgotten.

Q: Which fruit is known as a ‘love apple’ after it was considered an aphrodisiac?

A: Love them or hate them, we should all have tomatoes on February 14. The alias was given to them because of their colour and shape, as well as the belief it made people feel a little flirty.

Q: In Victorian England, what was sent to deter suitors?

A: Vinegar Valentines! These were cards which often had an insulting poem or caricature on them. Costing only a penny, you’d be pretty upset to receive one of these.

Q: Who receives the most Valentine’s Day cards?

A: If you really want to feel the love on February 14, then you may want to change that degree to education. That’s right, teachers get the most cards each year, which is a little odd if you think about it.

Q: Which country celebrates February 14 as National Chocolate Day?

Ghana! So, if you don’t have any plans and like the sound of celebrating chocolate for the entire day, say you’re doing it in recognition of Ghana!

Now you know some interesting Valentine’s Day trivia, there’s no reason not to set up a little quiz with your uni friends to mark the day. Grab a bottle of wine and even set up some prizes and no one will regret not having a date!

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