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What Are Doubloons On TikTok And Why Is There A Cat?

Jasmyne Jeffery November 22, 2022

Unusual trends and memes are pretty typical on TikTok. Something weirder and more confusing is always replacing the latest trend. Currently, it’s doubloons on TikTok that are confusing fans. Particularly when a cat pops up on your For You page.

If you’ve been a tad confused after seeing a Cat pop up and offer you Doubloons on TikTok then you’re not the only one. A new trend taking over the app is centred around doubloons and either giving it or taking it away. The cat makes the rules and we can only live by them — it would just be nice if we knew what game we were playing first.

What Are Doubloons on TikTok?

In a more historical context, doubloon is an old Spanish currency. The gold coins were double-sided and were heavily associated with lost treasure found in sunken pirate ships. However, this isn’t what TikTok is going crazy over.

The new doubloon craze is about a type of digital currency used to purchase various items such as soup, coats blankets and more. Many TikTok users have spoken about how, due to the increasing popularity of Doubloons, inflation has risen dramatically.

Though the coins can be saved in a virtual bank, it seems that even those that fully understand what the trend is can’t keep up with the rising prices.

Though it’s unclear how the whole thing started, like anything, the situation has become a meme that’s spread to everyones For You page.

Why Is There A Cat?

The cat appears to be in charge of the doubloon trend and has started appearing on everyone’s TikTok pages. The cat appears holding its paw towards the screen offering a number of doubloons. If you follow the cat’s instructions then you will be blessed with more of the currency.

Because this is happening with more and more people, there are lots more doubloons in circulation meaning that their value has decreased.

The cat also decides how much the items cost, holding up its paw to indicate the price.

Unfortunately, many have fallen for a potential scam where infinite doubloons have been offered. It seems that this is too good to be true.

How Much Are Doubloons Worth?

Coin Market Cap has it listed as a cryptocurrency that is currently worth $0.0004781. The website also says that as of November 22, there are 4,845,824 DBL coins circulating and there has been no change to its value in the last 24 hours.

However, if they become more and more popular then this is likely to change. After all, once something starts trending on TikTok it’s not long until everybody has seen it.

Even though it’s everywhere, people are still very confused about the whole thing.

Others have countless questions that nobody really has the answers for.

Whether you understand it fully or not, it seems to have captivated everyone’s life.

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