What Are The Positive And Negative Traits Of Libras And Scorpios?
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What Are The Positive And Negative Traits Of Libras And Scorpios?

Cicely McFarlane November 5, 2022

If you are born in October, then you have the start to proper autumn weather, as well as Halloween jampacked into your birthday month. But there is also the importance of astrology. Here we take a look at the positive and negative traits of Libras and Scorpios.

This can make it a very busy, and very expensive, time of year. From October 1-22, you are born under the Libra Zodiac sign. Whereas, if you are born in the later part, from October 23-31, then you are a Scorpio.

But what characteristics do these two signs share, and what makes them opposites? Below are some of the most common characteristics that those born under these two signs have.

Have a read and see if these suit you, as an October baby, or someone you know!

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As all the star signs of the zodiac have, there are both huge positives and negatives to being this star sign. Some of these I have listed and explained below.

This star signed is ruled by the planet of beauty, which means that your looks and how people perceive you are very important to Libras.

This links into tact being one of the most positive qualities that a libra holds.

Other known positives include a strong sense of justice. This means that they are not shy in their opinions and like to stand up for themselves as well as others, always following their moral compass. 

Libras are famously social characters, and will never say no to an occasion with friends. Speaking of which, friends are something they tend to have a lot of as they are also great listeners.

Now for the negative characteristics of this star sign.

Indecisiveness. Any libra I have come across always has this issue, as they find it challenging to make a plan and stick to it or decide the best course of action.

This links into unreliability, which is another negative side to this star sign. 

Scorpio star sign courtesy of Getty Images


Positive aspects of this star sign include courage, loyalty and extreme honesty. Even if this means hurting people’s feelings for the greater good.

They tend to be very ambitious and like to go after anything they set their eyes on. 

Persistence is notoriously a Scorpio quality, and links back to their strong and unwavering sense of ambition. 

Negative aspects and traits include jealousy. This is one of the biggest downfalls of any Scorpio, as they find it hard to stop their mind running away with the worst possible outcome.

Stubbornness is another aspect which can feed and add to their jealousy massively. 

These are the two zodiac signs for the month of October. There are, of course, far more traits that feed into this narrative. But the ones above are a few of the most known positive and negative traits of Libras and Scorpios. 

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