What Are The Special Days In November And December?
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What Are The Special Days In November And December?

Cicely McFarlane November 11, 2022

As the final months of 2022 begin, there are numerous holidays and celebrations at this time of year. Most prominent in western media is, of course, Christmas. However, many other celebrations need to be noted so that people can research them to see what they are about, and even potentially partake in them if they wish. So what are the special days in November and December?

Below are some of the most important holidays and events still to occur in 2022.

Special Days In November

11 November: Remembrance Day

This is an annual day where those who died during the First World War are remembered. This has been a tradition since 1919, when it was introduced by King George V. This day now also recognises any war remembrances across the Commonwealth and anyone who is no longer with us.

24 November: Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is a celebrated holiday in the United States of America. It initially started by giving thanks for the harvest and blessing for the upcoming year. This is now celebrated across the country as people share their American culture with others, through a large dinner and celebration.

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Special Days In December

18 – 26 December: Hanukkah

Hanukkah is a Jewish festival that stretches across eight days. It commemorates the rededication by Maccabees after the disintegration of the temple by the Syrians. This reaffirms the ideals of Judaism as a sacred holiday. 

21 December: Winter Solstice

This day is celebrated as it marks the longest night and thus the shortest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. Historically, the importance of an astronomical occurrence such as this has been celebrated. This is due to the return of the sun being imminent and the days of long winter almost behind us.

25 December: Christmas

Christmas is a Christian holiday that is celebrated due to the birth of Jesus Christ. However, even many atheists celebrate this time by being around family, giving presents, and enjoying decorating the house for the celebration of life in general.

26 December: Kwanzaa

This is a celebration and festival which is secular but observed and participated by many African Americans in the celebration of their traditional values and cultural heritage. The festival was introduced to the United States in 1966 to welcome the first harvest.

31 December: New Year’s Eve

This is an evening in the Gregorian calendar marked as the final day of the year. It is celebrated and hopes for a great, prosperous, healthy, and exciting new year are celebrated in countries that follow this calendar. This is normally celebrated by parades, and especially fireworks as the clock strikes midnight.

These are some of the special days in November and December and, whatever you are celebrating, we hope you enjoy yourselves.

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