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What Crystals You Should Get To Ensure Your Best Year Yet

Cicely McFarlane May 8, 2023

The belief in crystals and, thus, their sales has really taken off in recent years. But what crystals will help you achieve your best year yet?

People believe that, through the use of manifestation with the use of certain crystals, they have been far more prosperous, calm, healthy and happy.

The non-believers, of course, question these methods. However, why not read on and try these crystals suggested for the highest vibrations of energy, to potentially ensure that your 2023 can be the best and most prosperous year yet, with a significant boost to your wellbeing.

The use of crystals dates back centuries, so getting back to the products derived from the earth, to see if the stones, gems, or crystals can have a positive effect on your life, is a really interesting thing to try.

Below are some of the most popular crystals to invest in, so have a read of their potential properties to try to achieve your best year yet!


This is very popular and it’s one of the most well-known crystals. This has many different properties, but it can have a great effect on your year if you need more focus.

It can have the properties to clear the clutter from your brain and help you zone in on what you want to achieve over the coming months.

This provides you with a peaceful and relaxed sense to be able to work efficiently without the onset of stress.


If you feel you are having problems with commitment, this is the crystal for you. Commitment issues can occur in relationships, as well as your career.

This is why this crystal can really help you to feel more comfortable in being stronger with your convictions and what you wish to commit to.

It steers you in the right direction if you feel you are at a loss regarding your next move.

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This is the success crystal.

It has amazing good fortune properties so, if you feel 2022 didn’t bring you the best luck, this could be a great purchase in the hope of bringing in positive energy to your year.

This could lead to better fortune and luck into your life.

It could also mean luck in love, life, achieving your aims, family relations, or your career.


This is for problem-solving if you continue to find yourself in a rut or not knowing where to turn.

This crystal promotes clarity, with the resilience to keep pushing through the harder times if you feel you have been stumbling at certain hurdles.

Tiger Eye

Finally, this is a crystal that will open you and your mind to the opportunity for change.

Being open to changes that come your way is a huge part of adapting your life for the better.

Change can, of course, be daunting but can also bring you far more of what you want from life. This will help to keep you open to these opportunities and not fear change.

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