What Does Charge It Mean On TikTok?
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What Does Charge It Mean On TikTok?

Jasmyne Jeffery November 11, 2022

After the phrase has been frequently used on the app lately, fans are wondering what does charge it mean on TikTok.

We all know that TikTok and the younger generation go hand in hand, but even some of the most regular users of the app are a tad baffled at the latest popular phrase. ‘Charge it’ has been doing the rounds in numerous videos and some have never heard the phrase before.

Don’t worry, instead of having to ask your friends or being clueless forever more, we’ve got the low down on what the phrase means.

What Does Charge It Mean On TikTok?

Charge it is a form of slang used in the UK that simply means ‘move on’ or ‘it is what it is.’ Long gone are the days of B*witched and singing C’est La Vie in every other sentence. It’s another way of showing how you have accepted responsibility for something, or that something was out of your hands.

This TikTok has some great examples of when you might use the phrase. It also contains other UK slang you might not have heard. You can thank us later when you’re using all the new hip phrases with ease.

The full phrase is ‘charge it to the game’ which over time has been shortened to the first two words for speed.

Where Does Charge It To The Game Come from?

The phrase became popular after it became common for rappers to use it in their music. There’s been some debate over who used the phrase first, with some people thinking that Lil Uzi Vert originated in his song Chrome Heart Tags in 2020. However, lots of artists used it before him.

A few years earlier, Tyga used it in his long I Smile, I Cry in 2016. Even earlier than him Childish Gambino used it in 2012.

However, it was neither of them who actually put it in their music first. All the way back in 1998 American rapper Silkk the Rapper named his second studio album Charge It 2 Da Game, meaning it seems very likely he was the first.

Be careful when using it though, in the wrong situation it may not be the most appropriate response…

TikTok Is Already Turning It Into A Meme


This phrase will fix all your problems 🤣 #fyp #ttanz4 #ukmandem #london

♬ original sound – TP

In fact, the people who say it a tad too often are becoming a bit of a meme…


Im so sorry for bringing the phrase to this platform🥺😂 #zayzz #fypp #funny #skit #relatable #chargeit #trending

♬ original sound – Zay

Maybe the moment has already passed and it’s no longer cool to be using ‘charge it anymore. Either seriously or ironically, will you start using the slang? Or maybe it’s better to stick by B*witched after all.

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