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What Does DTM Mean On Snapchat?

Zoe Kramer March 31, 2023

Sometimes it feels like every week there’s a new acronym being used on Snapchat. It makes sense — when you’re texting, it can be a pain to type something out completely. However, it can often mean that some users are left in the dark, wondering what certain acronyms mean. They can be difficult to keep up with, especially if you’re an infrequent user of the app. One of the acronyms to gain popularity lately is DTM. If you’ve seen this one floating around but didn’t know what it meant, not to worry. Here is a guide to what does DTM mean on Snapchat as well as some other useful acronyms.

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What Does DTM Mean On Snapchat?

DTM most commonly stands for “Doing Too Much” or “Do Too Much.” This can mean someone is being overdramatic or sensationalising something. For example, someone might say “I was crying in the club about him, but then I realized I was DTM.” It could also mean someone crossing a line or pushing a boundary. For example, someone could say “You don’t have to agree with me, but don’t insult my appearance, that’s DTM.” In either case, DTM can be a reminder to chill out or calm down and reassess the situation, whether it’s directed at yourself or someone else. Alternatively, it could also have a literal meaning. For example, ‘You can’t keep taking on more projects, you’re DTM.”

Other Meanings of DTM

DTM can also mean “Don’t Trust Me.” This is a self-deprecating way of saying you’re not reliable. For example, “I’ll try to show up early, but DTM honestly.” It’s essentially leveling someone’s expectations so you don’t let them down. It can also stand for “Don’t Tease Me.” For example: “No DTM, I’m sensitive about that.” This usage is fairly uncommon, though.

Other Snapchat Acronyms To Know

Here are some other acronyms you might find on Snapchat and what they mean. ATM stands for at the moment. BRB stands for Be Right Back. ILY stands for I Love You. NRS stands for No Replies, Sorry. SFS stands for Shoutout For Shoutout or Snap For Snap. SMT stands for Send Me That. STE stands for Sent To Everyone. TBH stands for To Be Honest. TBT stands for Throwback Thursday. WR stands for Won’t Reply.

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