What Does NNN Mean On TikTok?
The inscription October and November on a background of autumn fallen yellow, orange, red and brown leaves.
The inscription October and November on a background of autumn fallen yellow, orange, red and brown leaves.

What Does NNN Mean On TikTok?

Rachael Grealish November 1, 2022

November brings along many different traditions from Bonfire Night in the UK or Thanksgiving in the US but TikTok is getting its own NNN.

What’s NNN I hear you ask? Well, that’s No Nut November and if you’re wondering what that means, it has nothing to do with giving up your favourite peanut butter for the month.

What Is The Meaning of NNN on TikTok?

As you’re scrolling through TikTok you may see your screen flash up with ‘NNN’ or with videos featuring the hashtag ‘#NNN’ and wonder what it all means.

Well, NNN is an acronym for ‘No Nut November’ and if you’re wondering what that is – there’s no reason to fear having to give up your favourite protein snack – it’s basically a viral challenge that trends on social media every year and revolves around abstaining from sex and self-pleasure for the whole month of November, starting today (Tuesday, November 1).

The trend tracks all the way back to an entry in Urban Dictionary in 2011. It then gained traction on other social media platforms and more recently on the video-sharing app, TikTok.

Most jokes around the trend are about men worrying about not being able to abstain for the full 30 days or guys ‘dreading’ taking part.

Is No Nut November Good For You?

There is no evidence either taking part in the challenge or forgetting all about it is good for you – however, there is a rumour going around that taking part is good for a person’s mental and physical health.

According to a urologist, Dr Rena Malik, while proponents of the month-long abstinence often portray it as beneficial for your mind and body, there is no substantial research to back up those claims.

Malik told Insider that, alongside making a person feel good, ejaculation can reduce stress and may even decrease your risk of contracting prostate cancer.

Also, according to the majority of participants in one 2019 study, both men and women, reported having better quality of sleep when they orgasmed before bed.

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