What Does Opps Mean On TikTok?
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What Does Opps Mean On TikTok?

Zoe Kramer March 22, 2023

Since TikTok has been around, it seems that new slang phrases are popping up more often than ever. It can be hard to keep up when terms go in and out of style at a breakneck pace. A term can gain popularity one week and be replaced by something new the next. So, if you’re not sure what Opps means on TikTok, you’re not alone. It’s a word that can be confusing, especially when there’s no context attached. So here is the answer to what does Opps mean on TikTok, some other potential definitions, and as an added bonus, some other popular TikTok phrases to know.

Photo by Mourizal Zativa on Unsplash

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What Does Opps Mean?

The most common usage of Opps is a plural form of the word Opp, which is an abbreviation of “Opponent” or “Opposition.” This usually refers to online gaming. Since the enemies you might be fighting against are anonymous, it’s easier to use this term to refer to them than using specifics. The word might come up in a message such as, “The opps are on the other side of the map.” It can also mean a rivalry in real life. For example, “Are they opps or are they just haters?”

Other Meanings of Opps

Alternatively, Opps could also be a misspelling of “Oops.” With this intended meaning, the word is an exclamation rather than a noun, so it would appear most often at the beginning or end of a sentence and not be preceded by an article. For example, “Opps, didn’t mean to send that.”

Opps could also refer to the acronym OPP, which stands for Other People’s Problem. This is more or less another way of saying “Not My Problem.” For example, someone could write, “I’m tired of dealing with Opps when it has nothing to do with me.”

Other TikTok Phrases To Know

There are lots of other acronyms and phrases in use on TikTok that can be helpful to know. One common one is POV, which stands for Point Of View. FYP stands for For You Page, which is TikTok’s feed of videos tailored to the user. FR stands for For Real, and TFW stands for That Feeling When. ATP stands for Answer The Phone. Fit is short for outfit, and is a shorthand term to refer to a fashion look.

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