How To See Duets On TikTok
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How To See Duets On TikTok

Jasmyne Jeffery March 14, 2023

If you’ve made a video, you’ll want to see who’s interacted with it. That includes any duets or stitches that have been made. Likewise, checking out their duets is great if you’ve seen a creator’s video and want more where that’s come from. However, to do either of those you’ll need to know how to see duets on TikTok, including how to see who duetted your video.

One of the great features of TikTok is how you can make video responses to content. This comes in either a duet or a stitch. Duets work as a separate video but essentially attach like a thread to the original video. Duets, on the other hand, play alongside the original video, splitting the screen so you can see both at the same time. Both of these, especially TikTok duets, are super helpful in getting involved with trends on the app. For example, you can attach your version of a dance, like the Green Green Grass trend, and join in with everyone else doing it.

If you want to get inspired by other people’s versions before doing yours, or if you think your own video is duet material, then you’ll want to know how to find them.

How To See Duets On TikTok

Unfortunately, duets don’t appear on the original video creator’s profile, but that doesn’t mean that finding them is tricky.

If you know who the original creator is then, on either the app or the web page, you can use the search box to find duets. Simply copy and paste the username from their profile, then paste it into the search bar with the @ symbol and add ‘duet’ in front of it. This will bring up anyone that has duetted with them on TikTok if they’ve made the video private. Obviously, if they’re a popular creator, like Alix Earle then they’ll probably have a few videos that fans and followers have made their own versions of, so you might have hundreds of irrelevant videos to scroll through.

What you can do instead, is use the sound to find duets instead. If it’s original, then clicking it will bring up all the other videos that have used it and most likely they’ll be following the same trend having duetted the original video. Sometimes, TikTok can be super helpful and give you an extra hand in the TikTok comments section. If it’s picked up that the video is a viral trend or about a certain topic, then there will be a magnifying glass icon with a suggested search related to the video. These don’t always appear and aren’t always accurate, but when they are they’ll take you to the TikTok duets and stitches.

Stitches On TikTok

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Finding TikTok stitches works the same as duets. Just replace ‘duet’ with ‘stitch’ and all those who have stitched with the original content creator will appear. You can still search using the sound and the comment section to find stitches on TikTok as well.

When someone creates a duet or a stitch it will appear on their own profile. It won’t be on the original creator’s. So, if you’ve made a video that’s getting a lot of love, don’t fret that everyone else’s videos will clog up your TikTok profile.

If you’re not happy with people attaching their videos to your own, then you can manage this in your settings. Just go to your profile, then Menu and click Settings and privacy. Here, they’ll be options for both Duet and Stich. Both of which you can toggle who can stitch/duet with your content.

How To See Who Dueted Your Video On TikTok

If you’ve made a video, you’ll want to know how to see TikTok duets attached to it. You won’t get notified when someone does this. You also won’t be able to see private ones, but you can see videos that have been made public.

Similarly to the above, just search your TikTok username with the @ symbol and add ‘duet’ in front to bring up all those who have dueted with your video. Likewise, if the sound you used was original, just click and you’ll see the videos that have used your sound.

Though you’ll get notified if anyone likes or comments on your video, that’s not the only engagement TikTok offers. That’s why it’s important to know how to find your duets and stitches to get a true idea of how well your content is going down.

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